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    How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost: A Deep Analysis

    Ankita Sharma

    If you are reading this, you must be either a yogi or an enthusiast of yoga looking for how much does a yoga teacher training cost in order to become a yoga instructor. The global awakening of humanity has caused an enormous boom in yoga. Humanity is starting to awaken on deeper levels, and as […]

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  • Learning to Listen To Resistance

    Learning to Listen To Resistance

    Julie Ewald

    Hello Hello 2020! A brand new year and ten new years to learn how to live in the skin we are in. Some of us will go running off into January with firm personal resolutions to eat less, drink less, stop smoking, love more, run more and maybe do some more yoga. As admirable and […]

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  • Yoga Alliance

    Yoga Alliance: Why Every Yoga Teacher Should Join Yoga Alliance

    Natalie Morris

    Being a member of the Yoga Alliance offers a yoga teacher an internationally respected and acclaimed certification and world-class training with the best techniques. Here’s a lowdown on understanding yoga alliance, the importance of it and how its advantages are attached with a number of lucrative benefits and perks. “Teaching yoga itself is great karma […]

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  • yoga certification

    An Ultimate Guide to Yoga Certification (Yoga Teacher Training)

    Retreat Kula

    “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still” ~ Chinese Proverb This principle applies to every single area of your life. Mother Nature hates vacuum and monotony, which is why she keeps on catapulting the dynamics of this planet in the form of catastrophes, changes, and destruction. This applies to skill […]

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  • Yoga Instructors Salary

    The Ground Reality of A Certified Yoga Instructor Salary in 2022

    Ankita Sharma

    Wondering about the possible ways of taking your Yoga knowledge to the next level? Are you perturbed over the salary prospects so that you do not end up high and dry? Here is an in-depth analysis of Yoga instructor salary and forecasts. “Money cannot buy everything”. Sure, your emotions, love, and affection are priceless. However, […]

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