6 Reasons to Take Yoga Teacher Training (Even if You Have No Intention of Teaching)

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Do you have an interest in learning more about the art, philosophy, and science of yoga? Are you ready to explore an in-depth study to deepen your yoga practice dramatically? Do you have a passion for growing physically, mentally, emotionally in all aspects of your life? Has the idea of teaching yoga ever crossed your mind? Whether you are relatively new to the practice or are a seasoned yogi veteran, if you have a curiosity and desire to dive deeper into your yoga practice, you might want to explore the idea of attending a yoga teacher training (YTT). There are many local, regional, and national yoga teacher training organizations, so you have many options to find a training program to fit your goals and desires.

Attending a YTT comes with an unimaginable amount of life-changing benefits. Here are six super reasons to leave the “could have’s, should have’s, would have’s” in the past and encourage you to choose to enhance your present and your future.

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1. Propel Your Personal Yoga Practice

Propel Your Personal Yoga Practice

There truly is no better way to learn about your body and strengthen your practice than in a teacher training. Everyone’s physical, mental and emotional structure is different, so having the opportunity to observe how the mind is participating (or battling) throughout the practice and what you are feeling along the way, in addition to breaking down the many yoga postures, exploring the optimum alignment principles in each pose, understanding modifications and variations specific to each individual is incredibly eye-opening and empowering. The result is a stronger body, a deeper mind-body connection and a higher efficiency and effectiveness in the practice itself.

2. Growth + Deeper Self-Understanding

Growth + Deeper Self-Understanding

The number one thing you will hear from students that graduate from a YTT is, “This experience has changed my life!” Throughout the training you will explore various maps that the science of yoga offers. These maps illuminate how you view yourself and the world around you, they also provide a way of identifying patterns that are playing out in your life and relationships. As awareness expands, students become privy to the positive and negative consequences of specific patterns of behavior. The beauty is, once an awareness is there, the opportunity to change also exists. Growth is a guarantee and you may in fact grow, in ways you never thought possible.

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3. Nurture Your Mental and Physical Health

Nurture Your Mental and Physical Health

Yoga is well known for a variety of health benefits, including increased strength, stamina, flexibility, and the reduction of stress levels. Yoga helps your body heal from the stress of everyday life, and helps you to maintain your physical, mental, or emotional well-being while in your yoga career. Through a YTT you can deepen your understanding of the health and healing aspects of the practice. You can use this knowledge to further heal  and connect with yourself. Yoga includes all types of breathwork, as well as meditation and concentration. The knowledge and practice of these subtle practices will further help nurture your mental and physical health and well-being.

4. Learn Life-Enhancing Skills

Yoga teacher trainings are designed to maximize the opportunity of having a student’s attention and commitment for a set period of time. YTTs range from a one month long intensive to weekends spread over the length of a year. Graduates leave with a high caliber skillset to lead group yoga classes, along with the tools and wisdom that, when applied, will enhance everyday life. Also praised by participants is improved communication skills, the ability to respond versus react when life throws a curveball, increased awareness, deeper connections, and genuine relationships, a more profound sense of compassion and empathy for self and others.

5. New Friends + Authentic Connections

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Without a doubt, one of the gifts of participating in a teacher training is the immediate yoga community that participants land into. You will experience relative strangers willing to show up and support one another through process, growth, sharing, and learning. The collective is powerful, particularly when there is an element of vulnerability. Participants cultivate strong bonds and stay connected long after training is complete and often make lifelong friends.

6. Become a Leader + Teacher

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Teacher training will support you in becoming the best version of yourself, and naturally, the inherent leader within emerges. This creates a ripple effect that inspires others in your circle and extended community to rise up.

Around 40% of participants who begin a training program have no desire to teach what-so-ever. Some change their minds as they progress and become empowered through the training. Regardless of if you decide to teach yoga classes or not, participants become teachers of life by leading by example, sharing everyday insight and experience with others, so it truly is a win-win. It’s great to be well informed and bring something new to your community. The yoga training curriculum and community can provide an opportunity for those who don’t teach to stand out and be embraced and respected by the community. It’s a gift for the community to have someone in their community who is skilled in yoga who can teach and inspire.

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Timothy Burgin

Timothy Burgin is a Kripalu & Pranakriya trained yoga instructor living and teaching in Asheville, NC. Timothy has completed his 500-hour Advanced Pranakriya Yoga training and is the founder and president of YogaBasics.com and JapaMalaBeads.com.

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