11 Affordable Yoga Retreats During Christmas And New Year Around The World


Christmas and new year are times when people worldwide are most likely to take off for vacations and travel to distant places. Some of these travellers also explore wellness holidays and enrol in yoga retreats that rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. There are several stunning locales around the world that have affordable yoga retreats that offer yoga aficionados a chance to get away from the daily chaos of life and connect with people having similar interests.

This blog will enlist 11 such affordable yoga retreats around the world that can be experienced during Christmas and New year. Let’s take a look.

1. Bali, Indonesia

The winter months of December are considered a wet season in Bali. The average temperatures hover around 25 degrees and the climate is humid. However, despite less sunshine and more rainfall, the December-January months are still a good time to visit Bali for a yoga retreat. Bali is replete with natural beauty that encompasses rice fields, beaches, frothy waterfalls and forests making the Balinese islands a perfect escapade for a yoga retreat. This Indonesian island is known for its religious and spiritual heritage and the cost of living is low.  One can spend a month in Bali at as low a  budget as $650 USD. Furthermore, Bali is dotted with plenty of affordable yoga retreats. But, we suggest that you stay in a yoga Ashram in Bali for a more affordable yet authentic experience.

2. Thailand

Thailand’s weather is quite pleasant during the winter season. The days are sunny with temperatures staying at around 27 degrees throughout the day making Thailand a perfect place for a yoga retreat sojourn. Thailand is known for its secluded beaches and beautiful landscape.  The islands of Phuket, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui are places where you will find beautiful yet affordable yoga retreats. Furthermore, such yoga retreats offer affordable packages that combine yoga with diving, surfing, martial arts other outdoorsy activities. As a traveller on a budget, you can spend about a month in Thailand on a shoestring budget of $600 USD. An ideal destination for budget travel, Thailand has many affordable yoga retreats that can rejuvenate your entire being.

3. India

India is where yoga originated. So, naturally, there are many places in India like Rishikesh, Kerala and Mysore that offer authentic yoga practices. Furthermore, the winter months in India are the best time when one can enrol in yoga retreats. Plus, India is an affordable country especially visited by ardent yoga followers from Western nations looking for affordable yoga retreats. However, it’s worthwhile to note that some of the renowned yoga retreats during Christmas may be fully booked and hence advance bookings are favored. 

4. Costa Rica

The scenic locales of Costa Rica not only attract leisure travellers but also ardent yoga followers. The Christmas and New Year seasons are quite extraordinary in Costa Rica when the weather is bright and dry. 

This Central American country abounds in amazing beaches and verdant forests. Besides, Costa Rica is known to follow environmentally sustainable practices and the warmth of its people is what draws spiritually inclined people to practice yoga here. The cost of living in Costa Rica is lower compared to many European countries and the neighbouring  United States. Besides, yoga is quite a rage in Costa Rica and you will find a plethora of affordable yoga retreats in many parts of this country. 

5. Sri Lanka

The island country of Sri Lanka abounds in lush green jungles and vast stretches of coastlines offering a perfect ambience for a yoga retreat holiday. Besides, there are many affordable yoga retreats in the Arugam Bay and Kandy areas of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, this picturesque country is best visited during Christmas and New Year when there are azure skies and ample sunshine. Plus, its many surf spots, inexpensive lodging and readily available vegetarian food make Sri Lanka a good choice as an affordable yoga destination.

6. Cambodia

December is the most desired month to avail a yoga retreat in Cambodia. The weather is dry and sunny with temperatures hovering around 26 degrees making for pleasant climatic conditions. This Southeast Asian country has a proliferating yoga community represented by many popular yet affordable yoga retreats. Most of these yoga retreats can be found in the Siem Reap, Kep and Kampot locations in Cambodia. These retreats offer packages that also include leisure, trekking and nature walk as well as community activities besides the core yoga course.


7. Peru

This South American country of diverse landscapes and ancient ruins of Machu Pichu is best visited during Christmas and New Year.  Peru aka the ‘kingdom of the Sun’ is a perfect destination for availing yoga retreats during New Year. Although Peru is costlier than most Southeast Asian countries, is dotted with many affordable yoga retreats that cater to budget travellers. For example, there are several affordable options for studios in Lima. Also, for a more authentic spiritual experience, Cusco in the Andes mountains houses yoga retreats that cater to unique yoga learning requirements.

8. Mexico

The cool temperatures and plethora of festivities make December one of the best periods to enrol in a yoga retreat in Mexico. Mexico with its opulent cultural heritage, amazing beaches, and ancient ruins draws many yogis from across the world. Places like the Chiapas, Mazunte and Tulum offer all kinds of yoga retreat options. So, from budget retreats to luxury hotels and resorts, this ‘Bali of North America’ has something for every kind of budget. 

9. Nepal

This Himalayan neighbour of India has no dearth of yoga-related activities. The mighty Himalayan ranges of Nepal offer a perfect backdrop to practice yoga and meditation. 

 Although more expensive than India, Nepal is affordable for travellers, especially from Europe and Western nations. The Christmas and New Year periods are when temperatures reach sub-zero levels. However, lower down the plains, it’s much more pleasant and cool. Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city and Pokhara are places where you will find most yoga retreats. 

10. Portugal

This European country due to its abundant natural beauty, majestic landscapes and medieval architecture attracts many travellers interested in yoga and water sports. Portugal is blessed with good weather. So, Christmas and New Year or any other time of the year is good enough to travel to this European country. Places like Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra have a considerable concentration of yoga retreats and yoga studios catering to all kinds of budgets. Besides, Portugal is considered one of the most cheaper destinations in Western Europe. Hence, this oceanic country is frequently visited by yoga practitioners, especially from the US and other European regions.

11. Guatemala

Guatemala is a  central American country that is home to dense rainforests, volcanoes and age-old Mayan-era sites. The country has a pleasant climate almost all year round. Furthermore, the best time to visit Guatemala is between November to April when the weather is dry and you will enjoy the Christmas and New Year time by staying in yoga retreats in December

The small hamlet of San Marcos La Laguna situated near lake Atitlan abounds in natural beauty and is home to many yoga retreats and yoga studios. As a  traveller on a budget, you will have to shell out about $ 800 in Guatemala.

Your Takeaway

Christmas and New Year is a time for introspection and bidding adieu to the year gone by. However, it’s also a time for new aspirations and novel beginnings. So, take some time off and enrol in these affordable yoga retreats.  Rejuvenate yourself through the mind-body therapy of yoga and feel more alive as you set your best foot forward into the next year.

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