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Learning yoga can be as easy as anything and also, can be as difficult as everything. It all depends upon your body type, the kind of confidence and dedication you have, and of course, the teaching method. Today, when yoga is practised by millions of people across the world, yoga teacher training courses have become prevalent. Yoga teaching has become a thriving career option and no wonder you would witness yoga schools and ashrams all across the world. But what is the main purpose of a yoga teacher training course? Why should one take up this course and is it worth spending time and money? Well, yes is the answer to all these questions. Yoga teaching is growing exponentially with fitness freaks and enthusiasts enrolling in different yoga programs for a healthy and fit lifestyle. If you are also looking forward to joining a yoga teacher training course, then here are certain things you should expect from yoga TTC India classes. 

Improve Your Fitness Level

Once you have taken admission in any of the yoga teacher training courses, expect to strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility. Yoga asanas, mudras, and meditation techniques would help you gain muscle strength as you would be engaging your muscles while performing various poses. Whether you are holding a pose or doing vinyasa flow, every activity will warm up your muscles. It will increase blood flow, decrease stress, and provide your mind and soul with stability. While in the classes, learn in detail about the functions of your body parts, the philosophy of life, and how to keep a balanced mental and physical state.

Meet Like-minded People
Unless you are learning on your own and have enrolled in a private one-to-one session, you would be meeting people with the same mindset as you during your yoga TTC classes. They would be fitness enthusiasts and would have more or less the same passion as you for yoga and meditation. As these people come from different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities, you would have a great opportunity to learn about various traditions, cultures, and lifestyles. Also, you can learn from their experiences and incorporate different values in your life.

Feel Sudden Change in Your Life

Yoga is a life-changing experience and millions of practitioners would vouch for it. It is because yoga isn’t just a set of physical exercises that maintain body dynamics and keep you healthy and fit, but is also a spiritual awakening process that provides you with the philosophy of life. With the help of a yogic lifestyle, you disconnect from the regular world to connect to the realms of the universe. You understand the consciousness of the world and explore the inner self. You start listening to your soul, which eventually helps you in breaking down emotional as well as psychological obstacles.

It is an Intensive Course

If you are living under an impression that yoga teacher training doesn’t require an advanced level of strength and dedication, it’s time you think over it again. It is because yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, Kerala, or anywhere in India would have you give your hundred percent. Whether it is Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga, you need to be extremely enthusiastic and interested to excel in it. It is an intensive course wherein you gain an in-depth understanding of yogic life and philosophy. Every day you need to wake up on time, dedicate hours to practising various poses, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And all of this can only be achieved when the training is strict & rigorous.

Learn Communication Skills

There are several exercises you would learn during your yoga TTC India classes that would empower your personality and improve your tonal quality. Exercises like belly breathing, Sudarshan kriya, and ujjayi pranayama would improve your voice and diction, which in turn, would bring confidence in you. Eventually, you would be able to speak with perfect facial expressions.

Get Close to Nature

Unless we incorporate yoga into our lifestyle, it is next to impossible to connect to the universe. And as we all know yoga is all about awakening the true self and connecting minds to the consciousness of the world. That’s the reason yoga and nature go hand in hand and are extensively connected to each other. No wonder good yoga schools and ashrams all across the world are often found in the untroubled lap of nature where you can listen to the chirping of birds, feel the breeze whispering in your ears, and treat your eyes with all hues of nature.

You Only Learn When you Are Fully Dedicated

Of course, learning always has to do with dedication. And why not? How can you even think of mastering something without giving it your undivided attention? Hence, when you have enrolled in a yoga teacher training course, expect to commit yourself to your full capabilities. Whether it is meditation or tough yoga asanas, you are supposed to show perseverance and diligence.

Not Comfortable At Times

Yes! Learning yoga can be uncomfortable at times. There will be days when you will be absolutely tired of doing anything. There will be days when you would not be able to focus on anything and would easily get distracted by your surroundings. But that’s what learning yoga is all about. You need to fight all these hurdles and make a win for yourself. It is because learning different types of yoga, understanding the yogic lifestyle, and studying how breathwork and meditation help in creating a balance in life isn’t easy at all. 

You will not be Ready to Take Classes Just After the Course

Once you have finished your yoga teacher training course, make sure you keep practising for a while. Completing your yoga course doesn’t mean you have excelled in yoga. Because it is a game of experience and knowledge. So, once you have gained all the knowledge through your classes, move forward to collect experience. Start with teaching your friends and family members and then take small classes before you lead mentorship programs.

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