9 Romantic Things To Do with your Partner On Honeymoon


Going on a honeymoon is a magical experience and something which every couple in love dearly looks forward to. More than anything, a honeymoon brings the perfect chance to unwind and destress from all the load of the wedding and disappear into a world where time pretty much stands still.

There are several ways and things that couples engage in during their honeymoon. Some opt for romantic tours, wine tasting, or just lazing by the beach holding hands while some prefer to tap their adrenaline and indulge in adventurous activities. It is really up to their taste and preference. However, there are certain activities that couples can indulge in while on their honeymoon that are too exclusive to miss.

Romantic things to do with your partner on Honeymoon

Indulge in Couple Yoga Sessions

Most of us are aware of the mind-boggling benefits of yoga on the mind and body’s well-being. And when you experience the beauty of this science as a couple, there is nothing more exotic than this. Join a yoga TTC in India at the best yoga school in Rishikesh and let the power of yoga guide your love for each other into the layers of your inner being.

Establish a deeper connection of the mind and body with the love of your life at a yoga program in India.

Join a Couple’s Ayurvedic Spa Experience

We love a good massage any given day. The aromatic oils, the gentle calming strokes that release the stress knots like they were never there, it is a beautiful experience. Combine it with the rejuvenating power of Ayurveda, you have hit a couple’s jackpot with it.

Book a couple’s Ayurvedic spa experience for you and your partner and immerse in this experience in silence. This is the one place where you would interact in the language of nothingness, where silence and your breath will communicate on their own. 

Explore Each Other’s Bodies Through the Power of Ayurveda

Carry the magic of Vedic oils to the honeymoon suite and do an intimate spa session of your own. Prepare a warm water bath and add a few drops of aromatic oils to it. Hop into the warmth of this water and explore each other’s bodies with the heightened senses that these Vedic oils trigger.

But before that, try giving back rubs to each other with a few drops of the oil and you would know what we are talking about here.

Engage in Underwater Adventures Together 

Explore the majestic world of the layers of the ocean with the love of your life and come along for a scuba diving adventure. Observe the peculiar variety of reefs, fishes, and more as you hold your partner’s hand from time to time to click a photo. Yes, that’s right.

Carry your phone or a camera in a waterproof bag and bond with each other even further by engaging in one-of-a-kind underwater photography. You would be inspired for more. 

Go Glamping Amidst the Forest Trails

Image this, glass-paned domes furnished with a soft cushy bed and all the amenities while you are actually in the middle of a forest with your partner holding his hand as you watch the outside world of flora and fauna unfold while you sip on a glass of wine and soak in this view just outside the glass window of the dome. It sounds more than just a scene from a movie.

Doesn’t it? Glamping is a trend that’s catching on these days and it is here to stay.

Explore it with your partner and have many more unique honeymoon travel stories to tell when you are back home.

Renew Your Wedding Vows Thousands of Feet Up in the Air

You can’t beat this one. This experience rekindles sparks. Imagine what it would do to a newlywed. Book a hot air balloon ride and take your partner up for one of the most romantic experiences. With nothing but the vast expanse of the sky and its ethereal beauty around, this is the perfect moment to express your love for each other another time. This is an experience that would get etched in your memory forever.

Places like Dubai, India, offer some of the most exotic balloon rides.

Leave a Note for Each Other Sealed into the Ocean

Romantic, isn’t it? Write something or confess something that you want to say to each other, but have not been able to. Scribe it on a piece of paper, and ask your partner to do the same. Roll both the messages together and put them in a glass bottle. Let the glass bottle flow into the ocean and that’s it.

An inner bliss washes all over as you know that no matter what these messages that you have written from the bottom of your heart for each other, are always going to be here somewhere in the world.

Everything and anything can change, but these messages are now immortal. 

Twinning While Clubbing & Shopping

You love each other. So, why not let the whole world know it as they see the both of you? Twinning is catching on trend these days and it is gradually seeping beyond the borders of East Asia where it initially began. Do each other’s outfits. You can twin in a t-shirt and jeans or you can do color twinning as per your taste and comfort.

The whole concept is too sweet and romantic and makes for a perfect #honeymoondiaries Insta feed as well. “

Participate in Waltz or Salsa Dance Evening

Two of the most romantic dance forms, engaging in a waltz or a salsa dance session with your partner is like exploring each other’s company, the beautiful curves and the handsome angles of each other’s bodies from the perspective of art. It makes you feel alive, almost invincible that as long as you have each other, nothing else matters.

Feel lost in each other’s eyes and do not worry about getting the steps right.

Every step that you take towards each other literally and figuratively, is right and will push you closer in each moment.

All the best!

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