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  • mindful breaks

    How to Take Mindful Breaks Throughout Your Day

    Gabi Garrett

    Recently, I heard the phrase, “Make art of your day.” I thought this was a magical quote. In my mind, it painted a lovely picture of a woman patiently gliding through her day with limited stress and optimized focused. This image totally differed from how I was currently spending my twenty-four precious hours. At the […]

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  • Ways To Be More Mindful In Yoga

    5 Ways to Be More Mindful in Yoga

    Alexa Simon

    If you are someone who practices yoga habitually, then you’ve most like heard an instructor say, “Use your breath to cultivate mindfulness.” As a current yoga teacher, I say this statement frequently to my students. Although, we as humans understand that we must work towards mindfulness in our everyday actions, it is much easier said […]

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  • women doing meditation outdoor

    5 Simple Mindfulness Practices While Travelling Abroad

    Teresa Mason

    One reason we travel is to get out of our comfort zones. We go into the unknown, hoping to reconnect with the world around us and become inspired by all the ways we are different and the same. This change of pace is exactly what we are looking for when we book a trip but […]

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  • Can "Non-Meditators" Adopt a Meditation Practice

    Can “Non-Meditators” Adopt a Meditation Practice?

    Emmy Schneider-Green

    We’ve all heard of the benefits of meditation, but that doesn’t mean we’re all naturally the “meditation type.” You probably know at least one person in your life who seems to have an easy time of zenning out and getting down with a meditation practice, but what about those of us with a million and […]

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  • Chakras Woman Rainbow Background

    What Are The Seven Chakras & How To Unblock Them?

    Brett Larkin

    The Chakra system is kind of like an energetic nervous system in that it’s a complex and intricate web of over 114 energy centers or wheels. Most people know the main seven and that’s because those are energetically the largest in our bodies.  Therefore, they’re the best ones to begin working with.  The seven largest […]

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  • Retreat Kula

    How To Control Anger With Meditation?

    Natalie Morris

    We all know and experience Anger. It’s natural. Sometimes, it’s the deluge of bad news that we are presented in the morning, the heated politics where the world seems getting angrier, the hatred discourse with friends, so much of the modern world pursuit is fueled by animosity. While anger in certain situations is justified, more […]

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