How to Take Mindful Breaks Throughout Your Day

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Recently, I heard the phrase, “Make art of your day.”

I thought this was a magical quote. In my mind, it painted a lovely picture of a woman patiently gliding through her day with limited stress and optimized focused. This image totally differed from how I was currently spending my twenty-four precious hours.

At the time I heard this quote, I was guilty of the total opposite! I was cramming technology into every corner, and often skipping out on a ‘real’ lunch break and my yoga sequence.

Maybe you can relate to:

  • Working too hard, for too many hours at once
  • Using your phone on lunch breaks…and every 15 minutes
  • Filling any spare time with a laptop…
  • Taking text messages to the restroom!
  • Online shopping during meditation…(Ok, that was a new low for me!)

Basically, most of these things are the things I preach not to do. The only way I couldn’t look at my phone was by turning it off, and I knew I had to create new boundaries with myself. Afterall, this type of day isn’t art.

Reflecting on my current working state versus the optimal art-syle day I could imagine….made me think, instead of trying to accomplish 500 tasks per day, what if we tried to enjoy our days (to the best of our ability)?

With that in mind, I’m offering you step one of reducing your hustle mentality: taking mindful breaks through your day. Even if we don’t get it perfect, chances are we will be much more balanced daily if we add extra intention to our days with a little bit of pre-planning.

So, let’s dive in, let’s make some art!

True meaningful pre-planning of your day actually starts seven days before it begins, or at least 24 hours.

What I do to create mindful breaks in my week is to map out everything for the upcoming seven days (This can also work for the day ahead, or the next 3-4 days ahead.)

Step One is to create a big list. A giant list! In pencil, please.

Ask yourself questions about the next segment of your day:

  • What is absolutely everything on your mind you’d like to get done?
  • What would you like to do?
  • What would you like to learn?
  • What would you like to eat?
  • Who do you want to see?
  • What do you want to create?

Set a timer for 10 minutes and write your heart out, friend. There are no wrong answers here.

Step Two is to narrow this list down. (Again, in pencil, please!)

Ask yourself a few questions here:

  • Can you actually get all of these incredible things done in the time frame you’ve allotted, and have time for yourself and your life too?
  • Do you have to do it all?
  • Do you have to get it done this week?
  • Who may be able to help you?
  • Are there things on this list that need to leave permanently?
  • Is there anything you can take care of right now?

Step Three is to divide it up. (Keep the pencil, friend.)

Once you’ve eliminated, delegated or canceled some of that list – you know exactly what you’re actually going to do for the upcoming days! Woohoo!

Let’s divide this list amongst each day – keep any due dates, etc. in mind. If you have one day with a high number of classes or calls – do not add many tasks to this day so you can be more present in each meeting.

We just have a few more steps to make sure this is ART worthy…

Step Four is to make sure you’ve created room for fun.

Before, we commit to this schedule… we need to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Does this look manageable? (I.E Have I left time in case something comes up? Do I have breaks between calls, or classes?)
  • Does this look fun?
  • Do I actually want to do it?

Ok, if we are in alignment there, we’ll ask ourselves round two of questions:

  • Have I allocated a start and stop time for work each day?
  • Have I created a space where I will be moving my body?
  • Have I included time for me to eat? To meditate? To do what I love?
  • Have I included time to see friends, lovers and spend time alone?

Step Five is to rejoice and pen yourself in…

Once you’ve taken the time to create a magical itinerary for each of your days… celebrate! Your day may change come 6 AM, but you are more prepared than ever to enjoy your day, not just survive it.

Gabi Garrett is a writer, the author of, “Kicked Out of Therapy”, a marketing strategist and motivational mentor. Know more about her at –

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gabi garrett

Gabi Garrett

Gabi Garrett is a writer, the author of, “Kicked Out of Therapy”, a marketing strategist and motivational mentor. She has been published in USA Today, Elephant Journal, Sivana Network, Apartment Therapy and more. When Gabi isn’t writing or working on marketing magic, she is often playing with quantum meditations, yoga poses… or more human aspects like a glass of wine and a plate of delicious cheeses.

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