10 Ways to Reconnect with Your Body

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In a world where our bodies are objectified and we are taught from an early age to hate our bodies no matter what because they never conform to an unrealistic expectation of them. Reconnecting with our bodies and their worth is extremely difficult because we have been taught how to hate them, but not how to love them.

Your body is a beautiful tool for adventure. What I mean by that is that your body isn’t an object in which your self worth is to be judged. Your body is a vehicle in which you go about your day, do all the fun, wonderful and crazy things you want to do each day. We have all got this the wrong way around, we focus so much on making sure our bodies are perfect to conform to society’s unrealistic beauty standard that we forget all the amazing things our bodies do each day.

They walk us around, keep us breathing, let us wander freely through the forests, reach for the cookie jar on the highest shelf! Our bodies are phenomenal but we spend all of our time belittling them for not being good enough. It isn’t that we aren’t good enough and it is not that our bodies are not good enough, it is that we have been brainwashed to believe that if we don’t look a certain way, we are worthless. This simply isn’t true and it is time to disconnect that idea that your self worth is linked to your body, your self worth should be linked to what you do with your body. The actions you take, the good you bring the world, not by how little cellulite you have.

We need to reconnect with our bodies. We need to take a moment to reconnect with the core truth with our bodies are beautiful and wonderful, no matter what they look like. So here are 10 ways that you can do that!

1.Yoga and Stretching!


Of course we are going to start with YOGA! The practice of yoga is to reconnect with your body and give it stretching it so desperately needs. We are animals built to move and in our static lives, our bodies suffer. A little yoga a day goes a long way with reconnecting with your body. Not only that, but yoga is progressive, you get to be able to do things you couldn’t do yesterday and that in itself is a great feeling of accomplishment.

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2. Meditate on how your body is feeling, find where the pain is.


Meditation is a great way to reach down and find out how your body is really feeling, we carry a lot of the world on our shoulders and that stress and trauma builds up in tension in our bodies. Taking some time to sit down, release those muscle groups and really feel where you are tense and tight, is a great way to connect with your body and release it from the pain it carries. Sometimes it feels like you mentally carry the weight of the world on your shoulders but your body is physically bracing for it. Let that trauma go and let your body truly relax.

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3. Take a good hard look at it in the mirror and say Thank You

Your body is beautiful. That is a complete sentence. It doesn’t matter how much your inner voice tries to find criticism with it, your body is beautiful. That is a fact. Now you are choosing to be negative about it by allowing those unhelpful and frankly rude thoughts to continue. Stop choosing hate, there is enough hate in the world as it is, choose love. Start with yourself because your body is like an abused neglected child. You would never say the things you say about your body to another person, let alone a child. But you say it everyday and it has to stop. Right now. Thank your body for all the hard work it does for you everyday, apologies for all the years of abuse and make a commitment to do better.

4. Do a physical activity and push your body, see how truly incredible it really is.

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I once read a quote that went something along the lines of this “there is nothing sadder than a woman who died never knowing her physical potential, women’s bodies are the most incredible and under used tools” This quote is true, we have these amazing bodies and we never push them to see how incredible they really are. Like I said before, we are active animals, our bodies want to be stretched and used! Your potential is truly limitless, athletes smash records everyday and that could be you if you only allowed your body to try. So go try something you have never tried before and see how amazing your body really is.

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5. Feed your beautiful body healthy and wholesome foods, limit your sugar intake.

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Your body loves wholesome food, it loves nutrients, veggies, b12. Nothing makes your body feel better than cutting out sugar and just letting it embrace natural food. Give it 4 days of clean eating and your body will feel 10 times better, you will feel lighter, less lethargic and connected with your body. Sugar and processed food numbs not only the taste buds but the sense, to reconnect with those really makes you appreciate how delicate your body is. One could also opt for wholesome food such as SuperGreen TONIK in a readily-available powder supplement that will optimize your body and mind.

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6. Make peace with the parts about your body you hate

We all have at least one thing we hate about our bodies, our big noses, tiny breasts, cellulite, eye colour, missing toes, there is always something. Ask yourself this, can you change it? If you can, why don’t you do it? If you can’t, then just make peace with it. You were born unique, why not celebrate the uniqueness instead of just trying to fit into a cookie cutter that doesn’t even suit you. Your body will not ever be accepted by everyone but as long as you accept it, the world becomes a much better place.

7. Start treating your body like a child

I touched on this earlier but if you really want to reconnect with your body, treat it like it is another person, like your child. Treat it like you would treat your daughter or son. You can even name it! How would you treat a child? You feed it good food, you take care of it, bathe it, tell it you love it all the time and you also reassure it of its value, all damn day.

Do this to your body, your body is a beautiful wonderful organism and deserves all the love and respect you have been neglecting to give it. By disconnecting your body from yourself, you can disconnect the attachment to self worth. Suddenly your self worth is kept within your soul and not your body so you can easily love your body because it is beyond judgement. Your body isn’t responsible for all the amazing, kind and generous things you do, your soul is. Equally, your body isn’t responsible for all the bad things you do, your soul is. There is no judgement, just stop taking out that hate on your body. Take responsibility, learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.

8. Take your wonderful body on a walk

As much as it doesn’t feel like it, human beings are connected to nature, when we are in it, we feel relaxed, secure and revitalised. Take your wonderful body on a walk and reconnect with your roots as a human. Your body needs to move and it loves to be outside, stumbling over tree branches and dancing in rivers! It craves it so get outside and adventure!

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9. Get in the ocean already!

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Refresh your mind, body and soul, getting in the ocean connects you to the elements but also to yourself. It is just you and your body and the waves. Letting all the past, trauma, negativity and hate wash away as you dance through the waves, salt on your skin and the safety of being supported if you fall over.

10. Tell your body that you love it no matter what it looks like

No matter what your body looks like, no matter the stretch marks, cellulite, date, excess skin, spots, moles, freckles, missing limbs, slightly wonky eye. It is your body and its the only one you got so it is time to get off your beautiful butt and start telling it that you love it. You will be amazed that once you start doing it, you realise how much you needed to hear it.

It is always nice for someone else to say they love your body but it feels numb because that doesn’t truly matter, what matters is that you love your body. Irrevocably and eternally. That is where the power is. Your body is always going to change, it will grow, shrink, shrivel, expand, tan, pale and grow a human in it if you are a woman! Don’t get me started on the cool things men bodies get to do!  So just tell it that you love it, what have you got to lose? Nothing! But you can’t even comprehend what you could gain.

Final Thoughts:

Our bodies go through so much in our short lives and we spend so much time trying to put a large cube block into a diamond shaped hole. Battering endlessly, desperately trying to make this cube fit through this hole but the reality is, it was never going to fit. But instead of trying to find the correct hole, we just keep battering away!

Smashing this red square block against this diamond hole, ignoring the square hole right next to it because if we put in the diamond shaped hole, we will be accepted. We will be safe, loved, protected and happy. But what we don’t realize is that that is just a lie and all of those things are right next door, in the square hole, it just doesn’t look like a diamond. This is your chance to reconnect with your body, fall in love with it and change your whole life. I hope you choose too.


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