How to Find the Right Yoga Teacher Training Program- A Step By Step Guide

    Right Yoga Teacher Training Program

Explore the most easy-to-implement guide for choosing the right Yoga Teachers Training Program that satiates all your needs and answers all your queries.

The strategy to choosing right training program in order to up skill depends upon two broad things; your current location and your needs. Everything else, such as cost, time to commute, timings, and quality of program revolves around these two criteria.

Yoga is an art and you must master it the correct way in order to reap maximum benefits out of it. Anything below the set standards is disappointing and will leave you feeling like half-done. A teacher should be well acquainted with the basics and have his/her foundation strong enough to take on the legacy.  

It becomes extremely daunting to find one full-fledged program because everyone nowadays knows marketing tricks and throws the right bait to catch your attention. However, you need to smarten up and not fall prey to false image. Here is an easy-to-implement guide on how to find the right yoga teacher training program for the experience of a lifetime:

1. Assess Your Location & Outskirts

It is important that you research your location in a proper way. The training programs should be within your reach and not cost you a fortune to be a part of it. For instance, if you are looking for a Yoga Teacher Training program in India, then make sure that your city or even its outskirts has a couple of options.

India is a Mecca for Yoga enthusiasts with prominent places like Rishiskesh, Haridwar, Kerala, and nothing’s better if you live in any of these places.

However, it would be foolish to live in a city like Lucknow and choose a program in Rishikesh, unless, you are planning to move & stay there for a while and have a feasible bank balance.

However, if you really want to switch locations then choose for a city or a district that is not too far away from your vicinity and making a move is not difficult.

Takeaway: Choose a location that fulfills your requirement in a proper way. Each place has its own special offering.

But, what if I want an international training? Is it ok to go abroad for a Yoga Teacher Training Program?

2. Plush Programs & Trainings

You can be someone who has an ample amount of money and other resources to support your passion. This could mean that it’s feasible for you to cross oceans to pursue a Yoga teacher training abroad. One of the best and cheapest destinations that you can tap on to is Bali.

Similar to the experience in India and other hot spots, Bali too offers training programs that prepare you as a leader in the field and also lets you align your life with your choices.

Apart from Bali, you can also go for Costa Rica, Thailand, Guatemala, to list a few. Since this venture will cost you, your comfort zone, therefore, there are high chances of greater learning experiences and a cultural know-how, at the same time.

Takeaway: Don’t move unless you have a health insurance and some extra money in your account.

3. What’s Your Style

Which is the best style of Yoga to learn? This is one of the most important aspects to this whole venture. You don’t want to mess this one up, therefore, choose the type of Yoga, you want to go with. Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Vinyasa or Jivanmukti, whatever your calling is, just go with it.

As a result, the decision will allow you to choose the program well-suited for you. Well, you can definitely be a Jack of multiple trades but make sure you master one form. There will be a business side to your endeavor and in order to bring it fruition, choose your field wisely.

In addition to this, evaluate your agenda; whether you will join a Yoga School as a teacher or open your own school. The decision will help you decide the style(s) you would like to learn.

4. Market Position

What is the first thing that you notice about any commercial product? Obviously, you see the star ratings, company/manufacturer, and its market position. All these aspects decide the credibility and trust factor that comes with it.

This applies to the training programs as well, without an iota of doubt. You cannot waste your money on a training program that has no market credibility and ambience that comes off as standoffish. Go for registered training schools that have association with well-known voluntary credentialing system, such as Yoga Alliance Teacher Training programs.

The largest voluntary body in the United States offers registrations to training schools that have proved themselves on the criteria like hour-levels, quality of teachers and their score card during the course. You need a registered Guru for yourself as well, right?

Takeaway: Always check to see if the teachers are certified too or not. It makes a lot of difference to the whole experience.

5. Contemporary Choices

Destinations like Bali, Mexico, Spain, etc. offer the luxury of meeting international teachers, who can add colors to your experience. For example, a teacher from China can proffer a training program, which is a blend of the archaic Tai Chi and a modern Yoga style, like Hot Yoga.

Moreover, teachers from other countries can help you with traditional ways of achieving optimal health, precious herbs, and facts of historical significance. With that said if you choose to pursue your Yoga Teacher Training in abroad then get ready for an exhilarating culture shock and all new things.

You not only learn the art but also get in touch with soulful things that rounds off your complete yoga teachers training program, as a blissful experience of the lifetime. This boils down to one of the broad categories mentioned earlier; your choices.

Now that you are in place, next comes the part of your life that you will put in here. Are you ready to unravel the most challenging aspects of a Yoga Teacher training program?

6. The Time Span

Time is money. It is because of this reason it is important that you plan your needs beforehand. You can choose to go for a training program that runs for anywhere between 200 hours to 500 hours. Assess your needs and see where you fit in.

For instance, if you have less time in hand, then go for 200 hours course, which is Beginner program. Proceeding to 500 hours course program for Intermediate and further for Advance training programs. The course structure and the time required should resonate with your plans on all levels.

Further, you have the option to learn either retreat-style training or yoga courses that run for over a longer period of time. The latter is well-suited for people who take breaks in between, absorb the lessons, and then resume. It is advisable to for the former, if your needs are a priority.

Takeaway: Assess your needs and if 200 hour fix your needs then go for it.

7. Teachers’ Reviews

Unfortunately, there are instances where you would find some of the good organizations hiring mediocre employees. Call it immediate need of resources or quest to fill up vacant spaces within, it happens often.

Certainly, you do not want to end up training with less qualified teachers or trainers who are not equipped with the required knowledge. Are you concerned about the authenticity of the chosen Yoga Teachers Training Program? Before, you sign the papers and invest money, check teacher reviews online, meet the owner of the training program and ask as many questions as you like.

You have to make sure that there is not a single cloud of doubt surrounding your decisions. You can even meet the Alumni or may be retired teachers to get an overview. It’s not always the quality of program that matters. Ambience, approachable trainers, and a healthy learning environment are some of the important aspects.

Takeaway: Always read the reviews of both teachers and programs on trusted websites to dig deep.

8. Expend Wisely

“Which is the best Yoga Teacher training program?” If you want a training program that offers training on ancient Yoga, Ayurveda, and simple lifestyle, choosing India is the best option.

Places like Haridwar, Hampi, and Rishikesh,Goa have quite reasonable training programs that would enlighten on the authentic teachings of yoga without burning a hole in your pocket.

Moving down south, Kerala is the place to learn Ancient Ayurveda right into the lap of Mother Nature. A little expensive than its counterparts, there will be enough to learn and grow. Do not forget to check for your vaccinations, carry a medical kit with antibiotics and probiotics, and sanitizers.

However, if you want to choose a Yoga Teacher Training Program that offers a modern touch to the curriculum, then go for places like Thailand, Mexico, or even Japan. These options are viable if you have a wide expenditure plans and motivation to learn the art from international teachers.

It all boils down to your choice.  For international travels, get a health insurance and inquire beforehand about the weather and possible spread of any disease. Travel consciously for greater results.

Takeaway: As mentioned above, assess your needs and always one extra skill beside Yoga. For example, Ayurveda or acupuncture or may be Reiki.

There is no perfect way to reach out to the right Yoga Teacher Training Program. Nonetheless, the guide sums up the flavors of all 9 yards and assuredly resolves many of your queries pertinent to finance, choice of place, and an overall enjoyable familiarity with the art. Are you ready to become a successful Yoga Teacher?

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