How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost: A Deep Analysis

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If you are reading this, you must be either a yogi or an enthusiast of yoga looking for how much does a yoga teacher training cost in order to become a yoga instructor.

The global awakening of humanity has caused an enormous boom in yoga. Humanity is starting to awaken on deeper levels, and as humanity awakens, people become more self-aware and feel more connected to the divine spirit of life.

Yoga is playing a vital role in the awakening of humanity, and now thousands of people all around the world are looking towards yoga to learn more about themselves, the human body, and to learn more about the art of living. 

Originating in India approximately 5000 years ago, yoga has now reached almost all parts of the world from third world countries like Thailand to first world countries like America. Yoga retreats, yoga studios, yoga teacher training programs are booming like never before.

If you love yoga, then doing a teacher training course would be the ideal next step for you in your journey towards awakening. Yoga schools not only in India but all around the world offer fantastic yoga teacher training courses.

There are different forms of yoga teacher training courses like Iyengar teacher training, hatha yoga teacher training, vinyasa flow teacher training, yin yoga teacher training, and newer forms of yoga, like acro-yoga teacher training and Arial yoga teacher training. 

This article will provide you with in-depth information on yoga teacher training cost, and how it is interrelated to the location, style of yoga, level of the teacher training course, and other factors.

Let’s get clear

Why do you want to do a yoga teacher training course?

This is an important question that you need to answer to yourself. Once you are clear on why you want to do a yoga teacher training course, everything else becomes clear. 

There are thousands of people all around the world who are enrolling themselves in yoga teacher training courses, but not all of them are doing this to become yoga teachers. Many people do teacher training courses because they want to learn yoga in-depth.

Yoga teacher training courses are the only programs where you can dive very deep into the world of yoga. While yoga retreats and yoga studios are more focused on overall health and yoga postures, yoga teacher training courses cover the entire world of yoga.

There are many reasons why many want to do a teacher training course. For example, to learn anatomy and physiology, ancient texts like Bhagavad-Gita and yoga sutras, in-depth asana studies, to learn to make their yoga posture routines, to understand how yoga can be applied in daily life and meet like-minded individuals.

So, if you are interested in a teacher training course just for yourself, you can go for different kinds of yoga schools and teacher training courses which might be less expensive but not always. 

If you want to become a certified yoga teacher to teach yoga, then you can go for Yoga Alliance registered schools where the cost of yoga certification is more. 

Kinds of yoga schools

There are generally two kinds of yoga schools. Both of these types of yoga schools are good in their own way and have their unique qualities. 

Yoga Alliance registered schools

Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit association for the yoga community. This association intends to promote and protect the integrity of yoga all around the world. 

Yoga schools that are registered with yoga alliance can be expensive, and some can be less expensive too. 

For example, a yoga school registered with yoga alliance would be much cheaper than Bikram yoga whose teacher training courses costs around $10000-$20000. Although other yoga schools which are registered with Yoga Alliance would be more expensive than others, offering a similar style of yoga teacher training course. 

It is always worth it to go for schools that are registered with yoga alliance as then you can be assured that you will be receiving the best quality yoga education. Plus, yoga alliance courses are intensive yoga courses that start from 200-hour courses to 500-hour courses, which is also why they can be expensive. 

A yoga school registered with yoga alliance will have in-depth yoga asana studies, classes for studying ancient texts like Bhagavad-Gita, hatha yoga pradipika and yoga sutras, meditation, anatomy, and physiology, teaching methodologies and so much more.

In these schools, you will learn how to practice yoga not only on the mat but off the mat too. 

As Rolf Gates says, “The real payoff of a yoga practice, I came to see, is not a perfect handstand or a deeper forward bend—it is the newly born self that each day steps off the yoga mat and back into life.”

Non-registered yoga schools

These yoga schools aren’t registered with the yoga alliance, but many of them provide high-quality yoga education. The main difference between registered and non-registered schools is that non-registered yoga schools do not usually cover the whole universe of yoga, as registered schools do. 

Non-registered schools focus more on yoga asanas and meditation. Passionate certified yoga teachers generally start these types of schools and are typically located in exotic countries like Thailand and Costa Rica, and are quite expensive, usually costing somewhere around $3000-$10000. 

Doing a yoga teacher training course with this kind of yoga school can be a fun and enriching experience if you have the budget for it. 

yoga certification for different levels

Teacher training courses have different levels. 200-hours, 300-hours, and 500-hour teacher training courses are the basic three levels of teacher training all over the world. Although, in India, they also have 50-hour and 100-hour yoga teacher training courses for beginners who want to dip their toes in the yoga waters. 

Generally, the 200-hour yoga teacher training cost fluctuates somewhere between $1000-$3000 depending upon the yoga school and the kind of accommodations and services they provide.

The 500-hour yoga teacher training cost lies somewhere around $2000-$4000 and sometimes even higher depending on the yoga schools and the kind of accommodation and services they provide. 

The 50-hour and 100-hour yoga teacher training prices fluctuate from $400-$1000 but not more than $1000 depending on the yoga school. 

Cost to become a yoga instructor and location

The yoga instructor certification cost varies depending on the location of yoga schools. The yoga teacher training prices in some parts of the world are notoriously high and sincerely affordable in other parts of the world.

The cost to become a yoga instructor in countries like Bali is unreasonably high, starting from $4000 and going higher up. 

India is no doubt, the destination where the cost to become a yoga instructor is the lowest. The cost of yoga teacher training courses in India ranges from $1000-$4000. Some yoga teacher training prices are even lower than $1000 in India, but they are not necessarily registered with yoga alliance. 

Costa Rica is one of the most expensive yoga teacher training destinations in the world where the cost of yoga certification is high. However, the accommodation and services of these schools are highly luxurious too.

Yoga certification cost and styles of yoga

The cost of yoga teacher training also depends on which form of yoga you want to get a certification in. 

The most expensive yoga teacher training course is the Bikram hot yoga teacher training course, which costs more than $10000.

The cost of yoga certification for Iyengar yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, and acro-yoga is affordable and comes with in-depth yoga education.

Some Iyengar yoga schools are more on the expensive side. Still, in their defence, their courses are intensive and comprehensive, go on for 45-60 days, and include food, accommodation, and learning materials. 

Hatha yoga and Iyengar yoga are the most common forms of yoga taught in the teacher training courses, and 80 percent of these yoga schools offer affordable prices and intensive courses. 

So how much does a yoga teacher training cost then?

The yoga teacher training cost would depend on many factors, as discussed above, like the location, the style, the level, the yoga school, kind of food and accommodation, and the yoga teacher. 

The cost of yoga teacher training can vary from $400-$9000 and even more depending on what your budget is and what kind of accommodation you are looking for. 

The luxurious accommodations in 5-star resorts would cost you a bomb where the simple accommodation yoga schools would cost you much less. 

The specialization teacher training courses like meditation, acro-yoga, Ariel-yoga, yoga-Nidra courses, which last for 1-3 weeks, would cost you somewhere between $200-$900.

A 200-hour teacher training cost would range from $1000-$4000 depending on the country and accommodation you are looking for. The 200-hour courses last for 3-4 weeks.

Whereas the yoga certification cost for more advanced courses like 300-hour courses would cost you somewhere around $2000-$7000, and these usually go on 3-5 weeks.

The 500-hour teacher training courses would range from $2000-$9000 and last for 3-8 weeks. 

Different prices ranges

The cost of yoga teacher training courses can also be divided into low, mid, and high range. The low range yoga courses and schools that range from $200-$900 generally are not registered with yoga alliance and provide the most basic accommodation and meal services. 

The mid-range yoga teacher training courses and schools that range from $1000-$3000 offer intensive yoga education, 3-star accommodation, and food services and most of them are registered with yoga alliance. 

The high range teacher training courses and schools whose prices start from $3000 provide 5star accommodation and food services, provide intense, in-depth yoga education, and some are registered with yoga alliance though not many are. 

Best affordable destinations for a yoga teacher training course

Affordable yoga teacher training India

yoga teacher training in India

India is no doubt, the most affordable yoga destination in the world. Apart from being the birthplace of India, the reason India is so beautifully affordable is that Indians like to keep its simple. The values of Indian culture are based around simplicity. 

In India, two places, one in the north and one in the south, have wonderfully affordable yoga teacher courses. 

Rishikesh, a spiritual city in the north of India, nestled amid the Himalayas, is a yoga haven for all yoga lovers. The yoga teacher training cost here is affordable and ranges from $400-$3000 depending on the level of yoga and the yoga school. 

Kerala, a colorful and culturally diverse state in south India, is another heaven for yoga lovers and has some of the best and affordable yoga teacher training courses in the country. Interestingly, the best yoga schools are also the most affordable in India.

They have everything that a perfect yoga teacher training course includes which are affordable prices, simple and clean accommodation, the study on ancient texts, anatomy and physiology, in-depth yoga asanas, excellent yoga teachers, and so much more.

The yoga schools in these destinations are sure to transmit the knowledge of yoga in the best way possible. 

Yoga teacher training Thailand

Along with being a beach paradise, Thailand is a paradise for yoga lovers and all those that want to do yoga teacher training courses. Being a deeply spiritual country, the cost of yoga certification is quite reasonable and affordable in Thailand.

The yoga courses in Thailand are both luxurious and affordable. Koh Sumai and Koh Phangan are two main islands where some of the best affordable yoga teacher training courses are held in Thailand. 

Yoga teacher training Nepal

yoga teacher training in Nepal

Nepali is another fantastic affordable destination where some of the best yoga teacher training courses are offered. 

Located amid the majestic Himalayan Mountains, Pokhara and Kathmandu are two fantastic yoga teacher training destinations in Nepal. The 200-hour yoga teacher training cost would be less than $1500 in Nepal, so you’re in for a yoga treat.

Whether you want to become a yoga teacher or want to dive deep into the universe of yoga, doing a yoga teacher training course is a life-changing and life-enhancing experience. 

You can choose to do the training in the magical Himalayan Mountains of India or the tropical beaches of Thailand. No matter where you go, it is bound to be a spiritual adventure where you get to discover yourself through the ancient wisdom of yoga. 

So, don’t necessarily go for the cheapest or the most expensive yoga retreat. Take your time to find out the one that best suits you and, most importantly, calls out to your soul. 

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