Yoga Retreat Planning Checklist That Makes Your Planning Easy!

    yoga retreat checklist

Being naive with your approach towards going for a Yoga retreat can cost you money, energy and a total waste of time. Check out this comprehensive Yoga Retreat Planning Checklist to help you plan this journey of a lifetime in the best possible way.

“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience”~ Albert Einstein.

What a brilliant quote to fill up your day with power and strength. Without colorful experiences, there is no life.

Imagine an air of monotony surrounding your existence. What do you think will be the outcome of a humdrum life? Definitely traces of feeling dead inside and nothing more than that. The concept cements the foundation of your Yoga journey as well. Learning the art of Yoga & meditation differs on various grounds and at some point in life, you would seek to have a higher note in your lyrics. The best antidote is to go for outdoor activities that open up your Heart Chakra to the unknown and Throat Chakra for like-minded strangers. Consider Yoga retreats for an overwhelming experience. Why go for Yoga Retreats? If there is one stage of life experience that can let you breathe an air of freedom, gets you acquainted with people with arduous journeys, and levels up your Yoga lessons, then it has to be a retreat.

Stop! Do not buy tickets to your favorite destinations right away as nothing best comes from balmy paranoia or unplanned hiccups. Go prepared and for that as you start packing, follow this retreat planning questionnaire:

1. What destination should I choose for Yoga Retreat?

Before you pack your stuff and take the high road, it is important to pin down atleast one destination of your choice or your dreams. What do you desire the most? Picture the scenario in your head – meditation on a beach or Yoga with a dash of adventure? Like, for example yoga with trekking, surfing, snowboarding, etc. Wouldn’t that be great? Accordingly, go through the booking websites and choose a destination that goes well with the weather that matches your current health condition (for instance a mild Asthmatic will not be able tolerate much humidity and so on), finances, and type of retreat that floats your boat. Every other requisite shall be dependent upon this very criterion.

Are you done with choosing the destinations for Yoga retreat? Now go ahead and check out this exclusive and on point Yoga Retreat planning checklist:

2. What type of clothes should I pack?

Apart from certain specific clothing essentials that differ with gender, everything else depends upon the weather and slightly on the length of your stay. Yoga & meditation is not just a conglomeration of two different types of exercises but an outlet for your sorrows and stress. You would not want to hinder this free flow of energy, therefore, choose clothes that are comfortable and suits your body well. A small majority of Yogis would love to go for something stylish, but make sure to keep those Yoga pants and tank tops loosely fitted and comfy in terms of fittings, supportive when it comes to body movements without making you look like an unkempt individual.

3. What type of footwear should I choose?

Choose arch-supportive footwear that provides an arch at the front and a proper cushioning towards the heels. It is not that you would run a marathon but travelling to an unknown destination might cost you a little more of walking than usual, for instance sightseeing or trekking as a part of the Yoga retreat package. A pair of proper gym shoes shall help you in all possible ways. Apart from that, carry another set of footwear that you can use for casual activities like sightseeing, going to the markets, shopping, and dining at some place. Going for a Yoga retreat should not be a boring venture but an exciting piece of puzzle that you have been trying to find all your life. Tread the learning curve but do that in style.

4. What Skincare product should I carry?

Gone are the days when skincare was more of a girlie thing. Men too are aware of their skin type and therefore, take a lot of interest in hacks for a lustrous skin and hair. Meditation on a beach under the blue sky, trekking in late afternoons and soulful discussions in a 3-side open cottage might just make you a little more vulnerable to suntan, rashes, or insect bites. Make sure, you hit the nearest chemist and your favorite skincare brand before leaving for the destination. Here are some things you need:

  • Sunscreen with atleast 30 SPF or more (go for physical sunscreens)
  • Face cleanser or wash
  • Moisturizers (both face and body)
  • Mosquito repellants (sprays and creams)
  • Hair washes
  • Facial wipes (only if your skin type supports it)

5. Life Saving Medical Kit

Yoga retreats are either solo or family oriented and no matter what the theme is, you will need some medicines in your bag. If you suffer from any lifestyle ailments like Diabetes or blood pressure, then you cannot play around and carrying medicines becomes a prerogative. However, there are other specific medicines that one must carry in their medical kit along with other life-saving accessories. Medicines like anti-spasmodic, pain killer, prescribed blood thinners (very specific), anti-allergen, nasal sprays, and inhalers (if required) are some of the medicines that saves the grace. Note that this emergency medical kit shall help you in multiple ways like battling the weather change, issues pertinent to climbing altitudes or visiting a place at a height, morning sickness or withdrawal symptoms of any sort.

6. What Yoga retreat accessories should I pack?

Clothes: check, medicines: check, yoga accessories: No check. You need a wholesome Yoga retreat checklist at your disposal and this includes a range of accessories that supports Yoga practice at the chosen retreat center. Apart from your chic Yoga pants, you need water bottles (because you do not want to end up panting profusely), a set of clean towels to buff that sweat and dead skin away, head and hand bands, and your camera for those candid shots. Apart from this, there are accessories that will ease your daily struggles:

  • Hair clips to keep hair off your face
  • Ear plugs to avert distractions
  • Water bottle
  • Hat and scarves to the beat the heat
  • Makeup for extra hue of beauty during evening meet-ups

7. What food items I can carry to a Yoga Retreat?

You will have a chance to taste a different cuisine and opportunities to munch street food at different places. However, you can carry some perishable eating stuff with you to combat those hunger pangs at the airport or mid-meal cravings at the retreat or uncalled desire to grub on food while you trek a popular hill area. Know that you will be at different places where chances of getting cooked food is expected to be slim and this is why you need some packaged items in your bag. Considering you are on a wellness journey, carry digestive cookies, fiber biscuits, quinoa or amaranth bars, baked crunchy items like chips, soya chunks, or even packaged salads. With proper planning, you can avoid eating overpriced food at the airport, spend heavily on eat-outs during the retreat or go for oily junks at the street side.

8. Important Documents

Reaching towards the end of the Yoga Retreat planning checklist, it is important that you carry a file of documents that would help with your stay at a particular destination. Irrespective of the destination, there is a set of documents that should be ready with you, all stacked up in a file:

  • Of course the passport and the visa
  • Medical papers comprising vaccinations, yellow fever report (for African countries) or negating chances of any transferrable disease
  • Health insurance card
  • International ATM card
  • Drivers’ License
  • Identity card issued by the Government of your country
  • Retreat proposal paper or registration paper for the retreat that might help with your entry
  • Receipt of the part of payment done at the booking time.

9. What things I can carry for my own relaxation?

Yoga retreats and meditation sessions shall help you unwind and unload the stress you have been carrying around for years. However, there are things that are personal to your choices and help you stay sane in this crazy world. These are the same things that helps you sleep well after you come from work or release stress during hard times. It is very specific with each individual but certain things are common amongst the masses.

  • Headphones
  • Personal music playlist
  • Books or Novels
  • Multivitamins
  • Positive podcasts to help with sleeping problems and mood swings
  • Fragrant candles for that extra positive vibe

10. A Positive Burst of Energy

More than the physical stuff that goes in your carrying bag, it is the thought patterns in your mind that holds the most importance. You have to keep the paranoia at the backseat and take the leap of faith in life in order to attain the greatest rewards ever. People fear of going to different countries and states for retreats, fear of falling sick and carry apprehensions in their aura regarding the final outcome. The idea is to disconnect from these false beliefs and negative thought patterns. Come with a clean canvas and let this Yoga experience write a different story and paint the walls of your heart with bright colors. However, this is only possible if you take that first step with a smile on your face and peace in your heart.

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

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