10 Ideal Destinations for Yoga Retreats 2022


Go through the blog and find out the 10 ideal destinations for Yoga retreats in the world.

As the world is moving towards scientific development, modernization, and industrialization, we are drifting far away not only from nature but, also from ourselves and our families. While we care about our economic growth, the biggest thing that we as humans are losing is health and wellness. A Yoga retreat is probably the best way to care about your all-round fitness and put you on the path of personal growth. If you are looking to bring back the lost charm into your life, book Yoga retreat vacations.

Here’s the List of World’s Best and Ideal Destinations that are perfect to Relish Yoga Retreats for Beginners as well as Adept Yoga Lovers.

1. Italy


A Yoga program in Italy comes with an amazing experience of Italian culture and architecture. The advent of spirituality and world-famous luxurious resorts has made Italy one of the major ideal destinations for Yoga retreats in the world. Popularly known as the European Yoga capital, Italy’s Yoga atmosphere is a mix of authentic yogic teachings, herbal spa service, and soul-stirring view of ancient monuments that mark the culture and history of the country. Relish the Yoga experience in the European nation with tons of thrills and astonishment.

2. Bali


Bali is the center of Yoga and spirituality in Indonesia. One of the tops Yoga destinations in the world, Bali boasts hundreds of Yoga schools and retreat centers where yogic experiences can be relished in the perfect blend of natural resources and beach life. Since Bali is one of the biggest centers of Hinduism and Shaivism lineage, Yoga comes inherently to the core of Balinese culture. Enjoy the thrill of affordable Yoga retreats  when you set your foot on the sacred land of Bali and fulfill your health goals.

3. Scotland


If you are looking to spend some time with your loved ones, where better to plant a Yoga holiday in the Scottish Highlands? In the 21st century, Scotland comes out as a prominent Yoga station. The best part about the Yoga centers in Scotland is that they sponsor Yoga experience along with highly rejoicing nature view and mountain adventures. With Yoga retreats 2019 UK, your next summer is surely going to be a remarkable collection of memories on the Scottish beaches.

4. India


Any discussion related to Yoga without the mention of India is incomplete. India attracts millions of Yoga lovers and rejuvenation seekers from all around the world, thanks to its rich yogic culture and wide-ranging natural and physiographic vegetation. Since the country is the birthplace of Yoga, one can witness the ancient science in its purest and unadulterated form. If you are planning to book Yoga retreats India, Rishikesh, Goa, Varkala, Gangtok, etc. are some of the places you should consider.

5. Portugal


Lisbon’s exotic beaches on the North Atlantic shores, rich Portuguese culture, and dense forests, assorted with the herbal rejuvenating hub are what Portugal stand for when it comes to having a Yoga retreat in the Western European nation. There is an abundant number of Yoga schools and resorts in Portugal where one can find massage therapists from the Indian Subcontinent. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to have a mesmeric experience while having a stunning glimpse of the endless water sitting by the beaches.

6. Morocco

Morocco surf yoga retreats

The Yoga hub of the African continent is all about mind-boggling experiences of a perfect blend of Yoga, invigorating massage therapy, and visiting ancient pieces of arts and architecture. In the blissful serenity of Morocco’s never-ending desert, spend the winter Meditating and practicing Trikonasana to get benefitted mentally, physically, and spiritually. Heal yourself with the best Yoga retreats 2019 in the North African country.

7. Thailand

thailand massage and spa

A culture that wakes up the yogi in you, with the tag of being the biggest spa and massage center in the world, Thailand yoga retreats are the perfect for yoga lovers. perfectly. From Chiang Mai in the north to the Phuket in the southern part of the country, one can find Yoga and Ayurveda centers in abundance. Your Yoga retreats become extremely amazing, rejuvenating, and delightful when you seek a peaceful dwelling by the captivating beaches of Koh Samui and Chon Buri.

8. Costa Rica

cost rica

Costa Rica is a Central American nation having rich natural vegetation and astounding beaches in the Caribbean as well as the Pacific Ocean. While the life has become extremely tiring due to the heavy workload of this Corporate world, Costa Rica presents a wide-ranging retreats programs and welcomes everybody who wishes to live an entirely new life by spending some precious moments getting stimulated with the teachings and practices of the ancient science of Yoga.

If you are planning to visit costa rica for yoga vacation, then you should check out this list of top 20 affordable yoga retreats in costa rica.

9. United States

yoga in usa
Source: cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by Eli Christman

The United States of America is one of the most popular Luxury Yoga hubs in the world, owing to its western-style beaches, health-centric Yoga schools, and a vast population of Indian spirituality-lover diaspora in the country. Rejuvenate by the spellbinding view of the most enthralling Niagara Falls while enjoying an astonishing Yoga retreat in The US. Yoga lovers can also get a chance to come face to face with spa and massage practitioners from Thailand and Kerala.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand : Ideal Destinations

Want to witness the thrilling experience of water and mountain sports along with the Yoga retreat? New Zealand is probably the best and ideal destinations having an assortment of awe-inspiring Yoga and adventure centers. Located near the center of Water Hemisphere in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand offers Yoga programs in the most scintillating experience of the Alps, near the breathtaking lakes of Mount Cook.

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