10 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Retreat

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When you return from a family vacation or a long weekend holiday, you feel happy and rejuvenated. There is a whole new level of enthusiasm brewing in your heart and physical strength that takes over. The overwhelming emotional response is because of the moments of self-care, and deep indulgence in mental as well as physical health. A retreat brings you one step closer to the spiritual awakening, mental health improvement and a lot of shadow work that might not look palatable at the beginning but it is so much worth it.  If you have been going over to nearby hill stations or jetting off to the same old country for its beaches and food only, then probably it is time to level up in your approach. Consider Retreats now. But, why go on a retreat?

Here are 10 reasons why go on a retreat?

1. Alone Time

retreat let you live alone

Retreats, such as Yoga retreats, meditation retreats or a wholesome spiritual retreat allows you to have a little bonding moment with your own strengths and infirmities. This alone ‘me’ time sets you free from all your worries, peer pressure, constant push to be your perfect-self, and family responsibilities. Retreats do not teach you to run away from your problems but instead help you to operate in peace, remain sane in moments of upheavals, and stay grounded when the time is less opportune. When you choose to walk away from the discord and crowd, that very moment you take the first step to find the real-self.

2. Mental Clarity

get mental clarity on your retreat
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It is true that any holiday can offer you the much-needed relaxation but retreats are something else. These health vacations open gateways to a clear headspace, mental clarity, and in-depth sense of self-awareness. Half of the world is reeling under the burden of their miseries and the reason behind it is the lack of self-realization and understanding. Yoga retreats, for instance, not only helps you to perfect a pose or learn it but rather gives you space to improve your personality on a much larger scale. You inhale the positive vibes and exhale the self-sabotage thought patterns that bog you down. You feel healthy from the inside-out and therefore, have a better understanding of the things.

3. Shadow Work

If you wonder why people go on a spiritual retreat then this is it. Shadow work is realizing your weaknesses, dig deeper to their roots, and working on them without fear. Retreats bring together people from all walks of life, culture, and background and you get an opportunity to meet new friends and families. You share experiences, traumas, and lessons learned in life, which humbles you, melts away your ego and makes you realize that there are much bigger things in life than your own painful life moments. Meets and greets with new people polishes your personality, boosts your confidence, and builds your inner world. This overall improvement gives you strength to work on your weaknesses and make corrections to elevate one step higher.

4. Close to Divine

feel the divine power

If you think that going to a gym is the only way to achieve an optimal health, then it is time for some reality check. Trusting god, believing the divine powers, and chanting prayers are some of the ways to relieve the pain you feel in your heart, and lessen the burden your soul bears with on a daily basis. Spiritual retreats offer you a chance to join Kirtan, sing carols in Churches and chant Om, which strengthen your bond with God and open doors for abundance in your life. “Ah, I do not believe in God, so is it for me?” Retreats are not for God-loving or religious people but for everyone who are seeking to a little quiet time to unfold their real sides. Divinity is not only chanting prayers but also about serving your life purpose and reach higher consciousness.

5. Cultural Know-How

experience different culture
Asian Culture

Well, if you are lucky enough to find a luring retreat in your own native place, then nothing is better than that. For everything else, you have some amazing destinations around the world to satiate the desire. A yoga retreat at a new destination will offer you a chance to get acquainted with the culture, people, and come across new experiences in life. There is nothing more soul-satiating than travelling to a new place and a retreat is a perfect excuse to bring in this new change. Every culture speaks loudly about the religion, past conquests, amalgamation of different races, and even crops grown there. On a retreat, you will have a chance to roam around the streets, meet new people, and learn amazing facts about a country.
What does it truly mean to go on a retreat? Well, love is the key and answer to this.

6. Bonding & Love

enhances couples bonding
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A retreat is about disconnecting with the crowd and going to a place you have never been before. You can go on a solo retreat trip but it would be nice if you take your family or spouse along with you on this journey. There are not many moments in life that you get to spend with your other half, parents or kids and share love with them but on a retreat, you can flex a pose, eat, and explore a place together. Moreover, you shall deepen your spiritual growth, and bond with your folks on a level, you never knew existed. Love blossoms when it is nurtured with care but stressful daily lives of the 21st century seldom paves way for that. Therefore, a retreat can release humdrum off your life, exterminate strain, and allows space for the love to brew again.

 7. Professional Help

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If you are done with exploring videos online for anger management and nothing matched the quest yet, then probably it is time to go a different way. Retreats are planned vacations and the organizers understand the discord an individual has to deal with in their daily life. There are experienced Yoga teachers, trainers, and motivational Gurus to help you cover this arduous journey with ease, go deep into the inner world, and uncover your infirmities and short-comings with strength. These teachers are well-accredited and have a lot of life experiences that makes it easier for them to accompany you in this journey to higher self. You will forever be guided and mentored on the right path.

8. Motherly Love

experience costa rica beach
Costa Rica Beach

Mother’s love heals everything in life, right? It is time to go back to the roots and spend some in the lap of Mother Nature. You can go on a retreat in a destination popular for beaches, wilderness or even the most bizarre troublesome mountainous terrains. Nonetheless, you will never find yourself straying away from nature’s unconditional affection. One of the many reasons to go on a retreat is to strengthen your connection with Mother Nature, learn to incorporate her blessings in your daily life, include Ayurveda and the healing powers of herbs in your diet and health routine. Apart from this, Yoga retreats amidst natural surroundings heal a number of ailments like Depression, Anxiety issues, and issues with the biological clock.

9. Clean Eating

to have vegan foods
Vegan foods

Retreats are not just about leveling up your Yoga experience or chanting prayers in a temple. Watch the bigger picture- you meet new people, accept their culture for a while and become a new person. This is one of the many reasons to go on a retreat. Food is an integral part of any culture or tribe and when at a new destination, food is the only thing that stirs up your wild fantasies. However, experiencing food on a retreat is a different story. The teachers out there make you understand the crux of a cuisine and ways you can make it healthier and palatable, at the same time. Moreover, there are travel packages that offer you a chance to learn clean eating habits, diet hacks, taste vegan versions of different food items, and return with improved gut health.

10. Detox Time

experience detox retreat

Why go on a wellness retreat? Well, it is a golden chance to get your life back on track, align your priorities, and get into a health regime. Another face of retreats, which is a Wellness Retreat offer luxurious options like detox programs and Spa vacations that includes massages, herbal treatments, Ayurveda retreat, exclusive cooking classes, herbal baths, Green Juice Therapy, and meditation classes. These programs make sure that you watch yourself change not from the outside only. A detox cleanse in any form purifies your soul, corrects the Lymphatic system of the body, and promotes free blood flow.

Get your stuff together and ready to go on a journey of growth and prosperity.

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