Top 20 Yoga and Wellness Blogs to Follow In 2022

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Dietary intake, exercise, right nutrition, yoga and meditation – we want everything in the right amount and at the right time. Phew! Seems like a tall order to live up to. We live a fast-paced life and everything that shapes the lifestyle these days comes from a place from convenience and not originality. This is one of the main reasons why our health suffers a great deal. But what if you have the right information at your disposal? At one click, you now have access to a range of tips and hacks for making your lives better and guidance for starting all over again.

Here are 20 Yoga & Wellness Blogs for you to follow and read in 2020:

1. Bad Yogi

Bad Yogi

It is time to shun the regular beliefs and read through something new-age and chic. Based in Florida, Bad Yogi Blog is one of the best Yoga blogs 2020 owing to its uniqueness and its overall vibe that is far away from being cliché. You have the best of Yoga tips, lifestyle guidance, and a separate magazine for dedicated readers. The edition is managed by a team of quirky young professionals who put in heart & soul into bringing the newness in the art and the information. Apart from this, you can shop ‘Bad Yogi’ merchandise from the website and even purchase courses on cleansing, and yoga programs directly from the website.

2. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene

A popular name online and a YouTube channel with a wide subscriber base, Yoga with Adriene blog is followed by a huge number of readers worldwide. You can shop merchandise, attend Yoga events, follow a calendar that keeps you updated of all the upcoming Yoga programs and much more. Another exciting aspect to this brand is that you have a chance of connecting with like-minded Yogis online by becoming a member of the Kula called ‘Find What Feels Good’. So, if you have any questions regarding health, dietary changes, Yoga for special ailments or simply looking for some educational Yoga videos, visit Yoga with Adriene.

3. Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl

One blog that takes you through an intense spiritual shift, guidance for perfecting your knowledge on Yoga, and some of the best Yoga teachers training programs – Yoga Girl Blog has a little bit of everything. Besides reading some great blogs on health & wellness, you can book a retreat, sign up for group bookings or customized travel packages, and also approach for some well-planned Yoga teacher training programs. Yoga Girl blog also have some great motivational videos for accentuating your positive journey and podcasts to fuel your ambitions. What is more here? Shop some fine-looking Yoga Girl merchandise.

4. Yoga Journal Magazine

Yoga Journal Magazine

One of the best and top-notch Yoga blogs in the arena, Yoga Journal has everything ranging from yoga lifestyle tips, how-to’s, Yoga practice videos, meditation techniques and everything in between. You will find unique 11 blogs every week based on different themes around Yoga & spirituality catering to a wide reader base, young Yoga instructors, and Yogi masters. Even if you are not into yoga and just want to learn something new in the world of Yoga or fitness, navigate through the blogs and garner as much knowledge as you want. With a large social media base, Yoga Journal Magazine has everything to improvise your lifestyle and existence overall.

5. Elephant Journal

Elephant Journal

There are many successful Yoga blogs out there, but Elephant Journal is just class apart. Founded by Waylon Lewis, this Colorado based online knowledge reservoir has excellent tips for you on Yoga, mindfulness, lifestyle, and wellness. There is a special section for Yoga enthusiasts called as Elephant Yoga, which you can navigate through the main website. The knowledge repository extends to spirituality, scientific articles on nutrition and human biology, arts and other fields of enlightened education. At one click, you open doors to a myriad of topics and a bucket full of hacks for a happy life.

6. Yoga Janda

Yoga Janda

Are you into Pre-natal fitness? Do you want to indulge into some Yoga for your baby’s health? Yoga Janda is an award-winning pregnancy blog for women including fitness throughout the 9-month tenure, and a healthy birth experience in the process. If you fear Yoga & mindfulness during the challenging phase of your life, then click on this blog to receive great advice on combating a number of symptoms, such as Morning Sickness, abrupt food cravings, and much more. With about 3 unique posts per month, Yoga Janda also has a number of tutorials and videos for easy assistance.

7. Spirit Voyage

Spirit Voyage

Wonder what Kundalini Yoga is all about? Heard about it many a times but never really delved into its realities? Spirit Voyage is a one-stop place for all your queries and curiosities. Started in Mexico, Spirit Voyage is all about learning the art of practicing self-love, working on the 5-Dimensional realities, and correcting things that poses issues in the real world. The blog empowers people to awaken their true potential by deepening the Kundalini Yoga practice and accessing a community-like experience for a truly transformed life. You may expect to read one amazing article per week on the practice.

8. Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics

An award-winning blog on Yoga and mindfulness, Yoga Basics is a US based blog that aims to perfect your life in every way possible.You may expect to read about two posts per week and tips majorly focusing towards Yoga poses, meditation techniques, philosophy, and many other things to relieve you off stress and push it towards a better calmer place. Apart from this, you ay also learn about the therapeutic effects of Yoga on health, advantages of Pranayama and proper ways of doing them, and so much more.

9. Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green blog

Learn about life from a different perspective through the eyes of Mind Body Green blog. Here, you would find tips on perfecting your diet, current lifestyle, and even some of the wonderful ways to combat stress. Mind Body Green has a wide reader base who enjoy the great piece of literal art woven and represented into strings of words. There are a number of personal stories on struggles, conquering hurdles in life, and moving on in life with confidence and courage. In a nutshell, this is a powerful blog that speaks to you through words and stories. You may be thrilled to come across around 34 posts every week on different topics.

10. Yogi Approved

Yogi Approved

A strong social media presence and a blog that is synonymous to a large knowledge repository, Yogi Approved is something else. The blog has a vast theme and it encapsulates everything- Yoga, mindfulness, love & sex, fitness, and motivation. You have a chance to meet experienced teachers by enrolling in their exclusive “YogaStrong” Programs, wherein, you will be a part of new Yoga class every single day and learn new techniques for a deeper practice. Apart from the well-planned Yoga programs, Yogi Approved also offer “Plant a Tree” program where you join to encourage this noble cause.

11. New York Times

New York Times yoga blog

Who does not know the New York Times? One of the most highlighted and popular online news channels with tons of articles, opinions, culture, and global stuff. Foraying into the growing and most asked-for health domain, this website now covers Yoga & mindfulness as well. You will find a number of new-age genre of articles that talks about legends in this field, motivational stories, news from the Yoga industry, a slew of wellness guides catering to different destinations and much more. So, while you upgrade your knowledge on what is happening around the world, do not forget to dive into the fitness section here.

12. Yoga Matters

Yoga Matters blog

Out of many successful Yoga bloggers, Yoga Matters has carved a niche for itself in the field. The sole aim of this endeavor is to spread Yoga news, events, and generic knowledge on this art as much as possible for maximum reader benefits. The name of the blog comes from the mindset the people have here and it is the only medium that help writers research and create blogs that truly matters. Apart from gaining wisdom through hacks here, head on to buy special gifts and merchandise offered in various sections of the website – health & wellness, clothing, accessories, and mats & bags. You can also purchase gift items for your loved ones.

13. Yoga by Candace

Yoga by Candace blog

Yoga by Candace is a beautiful venture started by one of the famous Yoga bloggers on Instagram and international instructor named Candace. You have a little bit of everything from both the worlds – Yoga techniques, guidance for common rookie mistakes, techniques for mindfulness, recipes, dietary guidance, amazing juices & smoothies, and much more.You can deepen your practice by embellishing it with finest positive words send out through podcasts and motivational videos on her blog. Yoga by Candace also offers various 30-day programs, online Yoga class videos, and an opportunity to participate in retreats as well.

14. Mika Yoga Wear

Mika Yoga Wear blog

If you want to read spot on tips on Yoga & mindfulness and conserve time by reading the most on-point and straightforward blogs ever, then visit Mika Yoga Wear blog. Yoga wear, colorful mats, beautiful accessories, gift items and inspirational posts – this blog has everything. What sets it apart is the wide variety of Yoga wear and accessories here that is unmatched and very unique. Moreover, they ship to many countries in Asia-Pacific regions as well, which is definitely a plus. Mika Yoga Wear is also counted amongst some of the influential Yoga bloggers on Instagram.

15. The Journey Junkie

The Journey Junkie

Infuse positivity in your daily-life and learn the power of Manifestation through The Journey Junkie. On this blog, you will feel as if you are on a life’s journey towards greater purpose, life path, and truest beliefs. Learn the best ways to manifest good things in life, goal-setting, intention setting and journaling. Wondering what else to make your life better? There are tons of free Yoga programs, videos, and various Yoga courses on detox, and inner power awakening. You can even choose to book and go for a retreat to some of the most-loved global destinations, such as Costa Rica and Mexico.

16. Man Flow Yoga

Man Flow Yoga blog

Who says men dislike Yoga? When you have a whole blog dedicated towards offering tips and hacks for men wanting to get Yoga-ripped, then things look different. Definitely in a good way! Gone are the days when the male crowd used to shy away from doing pretzel-like poses or do pranayama, Man Flow Yoga shares tips to improve core strength, balance, and flexibility through the art of Yoga. You may find a lot of training videos, e-books, exercises, guides for perfecting your moves, and dietary tips for that energized male vigor. If you are looking out for ways to diversify your workout regime, then you do have a good chance here.

17. The Yoga Lunchbox

The Yoga Lunchbox blog

How about a lunchbox that is scrumptiously delightful to read as well? Nurtured by a Yoga teacher and writer Kara-Leah Grant, The Yoga Lunchbox shall satiate your desires to be a perfect Yogi or help you put that first step forward in this realm in the best possible way. The blog started in New Zealand and therefore, you may find a number of Yoga Teachers Training in the destination itself. Apart from this, voyage through some of the amazing tips for Yoga beginners, videos for perfecting your Yoga poses, and a number of personal experiences sharing knowledge on Yoga poses, and mindfulness.

18. The Hugger Mugger Yoga Blog

The Hugger Mugger Yoga Blog

This blog not only shares hacks for your Yoga journey but also offers a range of products and Yoga accessories that is loved and trusted by a wide client base. In this field for 30 years now, the blog publishes about 2 posts every month and also showcases new innovative products as well. The Hugger Mugger blog appreciates the art of Yoga and trust its benefits, and this is why their products are designed to aid your spiritual growth and Yoga practice. Started in the US, the blog has a huge fan base across all social channels.

19. Finess Yoga

Finess Yoga blog

Started in India, Finess Yoga has separate categories that cater to the needs of a wide base of Yogis and first-timers.You may find unique articles comprising tips for amateur Yogis, Yoga asanas, Yoga poses for special conditions like Pregnancy and hormonal issues, as well as special tips for improving intense Yoga poses like Suryanamaskara. Apart from this, you also have an opportunity to shop special Yoga accessories and related products at affordable prices. Find a number of articles that share celebrity fitness routines, their Yoga regimen and much more.

20. Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga blog

Reserving the last for the best, Daily Cup of Yoga is like your daily cup of tea- refreshing and rejuvenating. The blog comes up with 3 excellent blogs every month and each of these articles contains intellectual hacks for perfecting the poses, easier methods to do a lifestyle paradigm shift and therefore helping people across the globe. One of the best Yoga blogs 2020, you may find a number of tutorials, videos, and a chance to shop at Apart from this, learn more about new fitness apps and navigate through various categories on fitness for a wholesome experience.

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