19 Unique Things To Do While Travelling To Costa Rica

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Loved by many, criticized by few, and appealing to the entire world, Costa Rica is a beautiful mystery with many interesting layers to it. There are several unique things that you do in Costa Rica while traveling.

Not so long ago, this destination was adored by mere backpackers and the tourism stature was limited to a certain group of travelers. However, just like seasons change and bring new things in life, the status of Costa Rica has changed a lot over the past few years.

From being just known for scenic hinterlands, and a handful of travelers’ delight in San Jose, Costa Rica is now known for its luxury accommodations, golf courses, gourmet fine restaurants and a lot of things happening under the glistening sun on a beach.

Costa Rica will leave you lusting for more and if you have been eyeing upon this destination for long, then it is time to take the plunge. The destination is seeing a growing number of travelers approaching for wellness retreats and great food served here and these are something you must experience in this lifetime. What things set this place apart? Here are some unique things to do in Costa Rica:

1. Beaches

Costa Rica Beaches

Beaches in Costa Rica offer an air of peace and scope for a lot of fun outdoor activities. Tamarindo Beach in Guanacaste, Conchal beach, and Nacascolo beach in Papagayo Peninsula are some of the hot spots loved by travelers from all over the world. These beaches are famous for a number of adventurous water sports, and sea life exploration activities.

2. Adventure Activities

Adventure activities in costa rica

Wellness is not just about sitting somewhere in solitude but also about pushing your limits by doing things that challenges you in newer ways. Costa Rica is loved by adventure junkies and water sport lovers from different parts of the world. Dominical Beach in South Pacific is popular for surfing, Montezuma Beach is for people who love swimming in arduous wavy waters and Santa Teresa & Malpais Beach, Nicoya Peninsula is known for Yoga retreats.

3. Spas & Detox Retreats

spas and detox retreats in costa rica

If your ideal vacation involves getting a body scrub, head massage or relax in a Jacuzzi bath, then Costa Rica has some of the best Spas and Wellness centers out there. A country that lays a lot of emphasis on natural reserves, flora, and protects its untouched ecological treasure, finding Spas promoting usage of herbs is not a difficult thing. In a perfect quiet environment, you will find peace, sitting there with your body smothered with a nice mud mask.

4. Jungle Tours

jungle tours in costa rica

The abundance in Costa Rica is visible through its lush jungles, swamps, and mangroves and no matter how many times you visited them, it always looks fresh and amazing than ever. You can go on a hiking tour in the deep jungles, such as Jungle Kayak, and guided wilderness tours. Some of the famous options for travelers are Corcovado National Park Tour, Osa Peninsula, Tarcoles River Cruise, Central Pacific Coast, and Boat Tour in Damas Island.

5. Rainforests Destination

rain forest in costa rica

God has blessed Costa Rica with some of the beautiful trees, flowers, and rare species of flora. You can witness the grandeur as well as a herd of sloths, monkeys, and lesser-known species of birds in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Some of the famous rainforest destinations in Costa Rica are Corcovado national park, Rincon de la Vieja, Poas Volcano, and San Gerardo de Dota. The exclusive rainforests tour shall take you on a walk in the most beautiful of surroundings in this destination.

6. Volcanoes

Volcano in Costa Rica

You wouldn’t relate volcanoes to a traveler’s interest but these raging fiery eruptions containing molten lava have a different story to tell in Costa Rica. These volcanoes have magma that stays close to the surface level and therefore, hot springs mineral water is a common thing here and definitely approached by a lot of spa enthusiasts. Some of the must-see volcanoes in Costa Rica are Arenal volcano, Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, Irazu Volcano.

7. Amazing Waterfalls

waterfall in costa rica

A photographer’s love and a traveler’s dream come true, waterfalls in Costa Rica astounds one and all. You will notice something enigmatic about the water making a gushing sound as it falls down from a rainforest canopy onto the base of a hill or a cliff. As you complete your hiking, you can come here and take a cool dip. Some of the most loved waterfalls here are La Fortuna, Rio Celeste, La Paz, and Bajos del Toro.

8. Water Adventure

water adventure in costa rica

If there is one thing that makes Costa Rica a most-sought after travel destination, then it has to the scope for you to experience and enjoy a variety of water adventure sports. Starting with the one of the most popular fun & games activities, Canyoning in Costa Rica is loved by a lot of travelers and some of the popular places to try this sport are Rio Perdido. Another adventure activity that is famous in Costa Rica is rappelling. You can go for this game at some of the most popular spots like Arenal Waterfall Rappel and El Silencio Lodge located in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.

9. Horse Riding

horse riding in costa rica

You can explore the biodiversity of Costa Rica in many ways and horse riding might just be the one way. As you ride the gentle animal and witness the beauty of beaches, mountains, and wilderness, you shall experience the oneness of both the worlds. There are many tours you can opt for and some of the popular ones are El Silencio Horseback ride tours, Hacienda Pozo Azul Rafting & Horseback ride tours, and Guanacaste Horseback Riding.

10. Cycling Tours

cycling tour in costa rica

Another great way to explore the nooks of Costa Rica, Cycling is one of the sought-after Costa Rica attractions for travelers and onlookers. Choose to go for Arenal Volcano Mountain Biking, Lake Kayaking & Biking Arenal Tour, or Arenal Lake to El Castillo Village Mountain Bike tour. If you are an avid biker or just the first-timer here in Costa Rica, then get ready to be amazed by the uniqueness of the mountains, magnificence of the deep forests and beauty of the country side regions.

11. Yoga Retreats

costa rica yoga retreat

If you are wondering what to do in Costa Rica that sets your soul free and put your physical body in its best possible state, then Costa Rica Yoga Retreat is the answer for you. Take your relaxation time to the next level by participating in retreats and exploring the classes & workshops organized in wellness centers and accommodations in Costa Rica. There are some really popular and likable places for you to dig in, such as Nicoya Peninsula, San Jose, yoga retreats in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, and a number of other detox retreats as well.

To make your task easy, Retreat Kula has shorted top 20 affordable yoga retreats in Costa Rica for you. Check them out.

12. Paddle Boarding

paddle boarding in costa rica

An emerging adventure sports and liked by mostly the millennial generation, Stand up Paddle Boarding is a new thing in the market. However, you will find a lot of places organizing this one for the travelers at many places in Costa Rica. Head over to the Pacific Coast and choose Peninsula Papagayo in Guanacaste and the Golfo Dulce off the Osa Peninsula to try out this sport. You can also try Paddle Boarding in the calmer waters of the Lake Arenal located beneath the Arenal Volcano.

13. Cave Spelunking

cave spelunking in costa rica

A comparatively scarier yet fun activity to take up, Spelunking is quite a popular thing to do in Costa Rica. You have the opportunity to explore the dark caves and discover limestone caverns, stalactites, and stalagmites. Some of the popular spots are Venado Caves, Barra Honda National Park Caves, Nicoya Peninsula and Terciopelo Cave. You will have a guide that will take you on this adventurous walk through the caves and let you witness the dark world and the fauna thriving there.

14. Exotic Flora

Exotic flora in costa rica

Costa Rica is home to some of the rare species of birds and animals, which makes it a must-see destination in the world. An offspring of the volcanic eruptions, Costa Rica offers numerous options for Day Trips to visit the fauna here. Some of the amazing creatures that you can witness are Sea Turtles found on the Caribbean Coast and Pacific Coast, Whales along the Southern Coast and Osa Peninsula, Scarlet Macaws, Tree Frogs, sloths, and an abundant slew of butterflies all over this destination.

15. National Parks

national park in costa rica

You will be surprised to know that Costa Rica has a total of 28 national parks, 3 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The lyrical green landscapes shall blow your mind away with its species of animals, micro-climates, and luring rainforests. Some of the most loved National Parks in Costa Rica are Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Tortuguero National Park, Corcovado National Park and Piedras Blancas National Park.

16. Deep Sea & Inshore Fishing

inshore fishing in costa rica

One of the many popular activities to do in Costa Rica is the Deep Sea & Inshore Fishing. The destination has two major wide and expansive coastlines, wetlands, and a number of rivers, making Costa Rica a paradise for fishing lovers. Some of the places to visit in Costa Rica that also serves this purpose are Los Suenos Marina, Central Pacific, Osa Peninsula, Guanacaste, Papagayo Peninsula, and the Northern Caribbean.

17. Snorkeling

snorkeling in costa rica

Going back to instigate the dormant love for water sports in you, snorkeling is a popular outdoor activity in Costa Rica. The clear water of the Pacific Coast will let you explore the deep sea water life, discover the coral reefs comprising 15 different species of corals, and witness a wide variety of fishes including humpback whales and dolphins. You can either dive deep with a guide or do away with the sport with your partner or any family member.

18. Hiking Trails

hikeing trails in costa rica

If you are thinking about picking up the best places to visit in Costa Rica, then choose the ones that also offer some of the best terrains for sweaty yet relaxing hiking. You can either take your time or just be a little adventurous and be a tough task master winning over every arduous trail. Some of the popular Hiking areas are Arenal Volcano Park, terrains surrounding the Rio Celeste Waterfall, Manuel Antonio National Park, Bajos del Toro Waterfall Hike, and Carara Biological Reserve Hike.

19. Great Food

amazing foods in costa rica

Food is an integral part of the Costa Rican culture and one of the biggest factors that attract travelers from all over the world. The best of Costa Rica destinations to try out the cuisine and experience fine dine are Alajuela in Central Valley of Costa Rica, Quepos, Heredia, Liberia, San Ramon, Grecia, Naranjo, and Ciudad Quesada in Northern Lowlands of Costa Rica. These cities reflect both chic urban lifestyle and some glimpses of the country side as well. You can head to any of these cities for best of food and nightlife.

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