Which Yoga Props Are the Best for Beginners?

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While trying not to sound too much like a TV sales show that exclusively sells yoga equipment, in answer to the question, “Which yoga props are best for beginners?” The answer is, “All of them.” It is true that people get better at yoga the more they do it, but there are not really any advanced yoga tools or equipment. The things that people start out with are the same things they are using ten years down the line when they are experts. Here are some of the most commonly used yoga props.

A Yoga Mat

No surprises here, a yoga mat is probably the most common piece of yoga equipment around. It is a fairly inexpensive piece of kit, and it is pretty useful on its own. Some people use them when they are travelling, or when they are taking yoga lessons or taking part in yoga groups. However, there is no reason why you cannot use it at home too. Maintaining a consistent environment and consistent conditions is helpful for some yoga enthusiasts.

A Yoga Bolster

Try to get a good Yoga Bolster. Grab a yoga bolster from Yogastudiostore.com. Do not cheap out on this one. It may seem like a pretty basic bit of kit, but there is nothing worse than trying to strike a pose on a cheap bolster that has warped through use. Check out a few poses and positions online to make sure you are getting enough use out of your yoga bolster.

A Yoga Block

You can use a yoga block to stop chafing on your hands and palms. Some say that it also helps them achieve their positions, but that is more of a personal preference. In most practical cases, the yoga block puts something between your hand and the floor or the carpet. Such matters may not matter to the outsider, but if you have struck a pose and held it for a long time, you will know the sort of pressure it puts on your hands and especially on your palms.

A Yoga Strap

Want to become more limber, but you do not have a hunky trainer to come around your house twice per week and help you stretch? Then a yoga strap can go a long way to helping you. It allows you to pull and stretch your limbs in ways that are otherwise very difficult without help. It is especially good for people who wish to practice some of the trickier poses.

A Yoga Wedge

These fun little items can be used for everything from yoga and watching TV to balancing your weight distribution and having sex. In yoga circles, a wedge can help you balance, it can help you distribute your weight, and it is good for people who need to manage pain while performing yoga.

A Few Honourable Mentions

The yoga wedge is great for people with tight backs, and who have lower back problems, and for people who want to experiment with their yoga. The yoga wheel is a fun yoga prop, and can really make stretching a little more demanding. A yoga ball is the same as a fitness ball, but make sure you have somewhere in your house to store it (out of the way). Some people also like yoga socks and yoga gloves, but it is more a case of personal taste.

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