25 Important Things to Carry While Traveling Abroad

    travel essentials while traveling abroad

Traveling abroad is always interesting. However, packing for the trip might not always be enjoyable. And in case you forget something important, then your whole trip gets ruined. But we have made a list for you that might cut down your tensions. Use this ultimate international travel packing list to remind yourself what to carry and what to not.

When it comes to preparing what to pack, the best way to pack is to save extra space. The first tip is to roll your clothes properly rather than fold them. Keep all the weighty stuff at the bottom and things that leak, goes in the plastic kits. And keep all the things in the side pockets of your bag that you will need while traveling. Initially, it totally depends on what sort of traveling program you are about to embark on whether it’s enjoying by the laid back beaches, interrailing Europe, or trekking in a mountain, we have tried to cover all the items that feed to every kind of vacation.

Here are Your Travel Essentials to Carry Abroad

Portable phone charger

The scariest feeling is when the phone runs out of battery on the way. So, always carry a portable charger with you so that you can charge your phone whenever you want on the go. You definitely don’t want your phone to die while capturing the beautiful pictures of you or the breathtaking sceneries or when you are lost abroad.

Waterproof jacket

If you don’t mind the rain, then you can happily skip this one. But if it will ruin your trip, then you must need rain gear. Rain jackets aren’t warm enough to be helpful in the frozen weather, but it will surely save you from rain. Plus you can never rely on the weather, so you should always pack your rain gears.

Solid comfortable shoes

 If your travel plan consists of activities like hiking or walking then make sure to pack solid comfortable shoes. It will also save some space in your travelling bag if you wear the bulkiest shoes at the airport.

Water Bottle

 Always carry an environmentally friendly water bottle to stay hydrated on the way. Most of the travel bags have a bottle holder so it will be easy to reach the bottle when you are traveling. It will also help you in saving money, as you can refill the bottle rather than buying more.

Pack your medications

 Don’t ever forget to pack your medications because then it will totally ruin your trip. Besides your prescribed medications, also carry some allergy tablets and painkillers that can cure the muscle aches, stomach aches, headaches, period pains- so keep some tablets just in case.


 If you forget your camera, you will regret it always and forever. Nowadays, smartphones are the new camera that gives you a great shot, so if you can rely on your phone camera, then you can ditch the DSLR. But if you can’t, then don’t forget to carry a camera and with a camera, you will also need a camera charger.


 When it comes to perfumes or deodorants, you should always carry a roll-on or a miniature perfume to save some space for the most essentials. Also, the miniature perfumes or roll-ons are hassle-free and small.

Map or GPS

Having access to maps or a GPS on your cell phone will be a lifesaver, especially when you are travelling abroad. Also, to give a real feel to your trip, you can buy a paper map as it will also serve as a backup when your phone battery dies.

First Aid Kit

 Every traveler should have or carry a first aid kit because you never know when you might need it. Mainly, you will need it in your trekking or hiking based trips.


Your carry on packing list should also include SPF sunscreen. If your skin tends to burn, then it is an important thing to pack. Keep using it generously, even though the sun is not out, but its rays are there, so it is necessary to wear your sunscreen every day before you step out of your hotel room.

Eye Mask

 Eye mask is advised if you are a light sleeper. And if you are traveling abroad, then you must be needing it in your hours-long flights to cope up with your sleep cycle. It can also be helpful if you choose to live in hostels with other people. Plus, they are amazingly handy and light, and you can put them anywhere in your luggage.

Swim Gear

You really don’t want to go abroad without your swimming costumes and shorts. If you are traveling to a hot or pleasant city then you will definitely need your swimming gears that are of quality and easily washable.


 Sunglasses are essential for any kind of trip. Whether its winter or summer, hopefully, you will get at least a sight of sun rays during the trip. So, it is recommended to pack or carry your most favorite pair of sunglasses that looks stylish and will also protect your eyes during the day time. You can also carry your cheapest pair of sunglasses so even if it gets lost or a little dirty on the beach, it won’t mind you.

Sandals or Flip Flop

 Comfortable slippers go a long way when traveling and when you are traveling to a beach city then sandals or flip flops are necessary. Make sure that you carry a good quality pair of slippers as you can also wear it in your hotels because some hotels don’t provide bathroom slippers.

Waterproof backpack or Backpack rain cover

 You can buy a waterproof backpack or if you already have a backpack rain cover then it is well and good because that will help too. These essentials can be used anywhere on your trip because you cannot fully predict the weather of the place you are traveling to. So make the most out of your trip and don’t let the rain ruin your adventure.

A book to pass time

 You never know that you might spend most of your time traveling by trains or planes so you must carry a timepass buddy. Buy a good book to keep you occupied or you can also get a digital copy of a book on your phone.


 You might feel hungry on your hours’ long flight, so don’t forget to carry some snacks and protein bars if you are a health freak. You will really thank yourself when you will crave for something to eat. Just make sure that your eateries are packed properly, so the drinks or juices don’t leak.


 If you are going to trek through the mountains, camp in the forest, or want to avoid turning the lights on in your dorm and wake everyone up. The torch doesn’t have to be fancy or big, you can carry just a regular cheap torch that should do the deal.

Reusable razors

 If you have enough space for carrying your beard trimmer and charger then it is well and good. But if you don’t want to carry your trimmer with you, then you can also carry the reusable and disposable shavers with you as it will save some space and will also save you time.


 You will need the earplugs in your flights and the most if you are planning to live in the hostels so that you can get some decent and good sleep without interruption.

Travel adapter

 It is another one of the most needed international travel essentials, if you are traveling abroad because every country has its way of living using technology. You might not be able to charge your phone if you forget your travel adapter because your phone charger might not fit into other countries’ charging outlets, so it is important to carry the travel adapter.

Noise-cancellation Headphones

 Whether you want to binge-watch movies, listen to your favorite album, or take a rest without getting disturbed by the noises around, the top most advice is to never board a train or plane without your headphones. Also, carry the best quality headphones that not only have noise-cancellation features but are also travel friendly.

Don’t forget your passport

 The most initial thing that you need to travel abroad is your passport. Always carry your passport with you as it also serves as an identity, plus you cannot leave your passport behind as it will not going to get you anywhere, and also your time will get waste or you might miss your flight because you have to head home again to get it.

You also need to make sure that your passport is valid and have at least six months of time before it gets expired.

Hand Towel

 Carrying a thick and large towel can take a lot of your space, so ideally try keeping an easy to pack handy towels that will definitely save the space and are easy to use and pack. Also, most of the hostels and guesthouses don’t provide towels so remember to pack your. You can also carry a bath towel, only if you are left with enough space.


 The cold or heat can dry up your skin or the weather of the country you are going to, might not suit your skin. So always carry a moisturizer with Aloe Vera in it as it tends to cool down your skin by giving it a proper moisture. To save some space, you can also carry a face cum body cream so that you can use just the single moisturizer all over your body including your face.

So these are the most essential things that you can carry while travelling abroad. There are tons of places to explore, and if you do your research right, plenty of affordable hotels to choose from as well. Rest you can pack for yourself such as comfortable or stylish clothes depending upon your traveling location. Just make sure, if you are traveling to a cold place then you must carry all your warmers including scarfs and gloves. And if your trip includes trekking or hiking, then do not forget to carry good and comfortable pants that you can wear all the time. So enjoy your trip and don’t forget to have fun. Happy traveling!

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