Bali Yoga: 13 Yoga Studios to Practice Yoga in Bali

    Desa Seni - bali yoga studio

Think luscious forests, rugged and sublime beaches, majestic mountains, volcanic tops, and so much natural beauty all around; this is the mystical beauty of Bali.

Heaven on earth, Bali is known as the island of the Gods, and it is for a good reason. Bali has been one of the most loved and visited spiritual hubs in the world. High-quality yoga retreats, breathwork, and meditation retreats, fierce yoga studios, amazing massage spas, delicious organic and nutritious food, and all things that feed the spiritual fires of the soul – this and so much more is Bali for you.

The culture of Bali yoga is loved all around the world, and thousands of spiritual enthusiasts, yoga lovers, and truth seekers travel to Bali to explore this ancient art of yoga. Bali is home to some of the fiercest yoga studios with some of the best and experienced yoga teachers.

Here is a list of the 13 best Bali yoga studios:

The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn - Bali yoga studio

Located in Ubud, The Yoga Barn is for everyone and people of all levels who want to learn yoga. From beginners to advanced practitioners who wish to go even deeper and need challenging yoga classes, Yoga Barn is the perfect place.

One of the first and best Bali yoga studios, Yoga Barn, is a paradise for yoga lovers and enthusiasts. The teachers at yoga barn are highly experienced in the science and art of yoga and teach with fierceness and warmth – the perfect combination for learning yoga.

All kinds of diverse forms of yoga are taught at this exceptionally fantastic yoga studio in Bali. Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, restorative yoga, power yoga Iyengar yoga, and other forms of yoga are taught and facilitated at Yoga Barn, Bali. 

They also have meditation and breathwork (pranayama) classes. If you want to dive really deep into yoga and have a passion for teaching yoga, you can also enrol yourself in a teacher training course.

Intuitive Flow

Intuitive Flow - yoga studio in bali

One of the best Bali yoga studios, Intuitive flow, is located in the serene village of Penestanan. The wooden-floored yoga studio with high ceilings and the awe-inspiring views of the tropical flowers is a breath of fresh air while delving into the yoga practice.

As you stretch on the wooden floor and soak in the healing properties of this splendid land, you are surrounded by a community of plants, flowers, fellow yoga lovers, and amazing yoga teachers. The teachers at Intuitive flow are passionate and precise.

At intuitive flow, they have yoga for beginners, Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, pranayama, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga Nidra as a form of guided relaxation. Meditation classes are also held to help you get in touch with your meditative mind and dive deep within yourself.

They cover three to six classes every day, teaching various forms of yoga-like morning flow, yoga pranala, gentle flow, and others.

The Practice

The Practice - Yoga Studio in Bali

Located in Canggu, Bali, it is a 5-star yoga studio offering some of the best yoga sessions in an environment that is perfect for drenching yourself in the yoga-loving sweat.

What sets this amazing yoga studio apart is their dedication and commitment to bring back the traditional teachings of yoga. At The Practice, they believe that yoga is not only practised on the mat, but the main yoga is the yoga of life and is practised off the mat.

Their teachers are experienced, and they offer daily yoga and meditation sessions, which run for 90 mins. They also offer workshops, masterclasses, weekly presentations, community events, and so much more. The community vibe here is healing and adds to the perfect experience of expansion and connection.

For those who want to go even deeper, they offer some of the best yoga teacher training courses in Bali.

Blue Earth Village

Blue Earth Village

One of the most beautiful yoga studios in Bali, Blue earth village, is located in Amed, Bali. Blue Earth is more than a yoga studio, it is an evolving community space, and they intend to create a non-judgmental and open space for all who come.

They intend to create a space for people where they can learn more about themselves, the natural world, and each other. They believe in the natural brotherhood of humanity and peaceful community living.

At Blue Earth, they know the importance of the mind and body connection. Their yoga classes are based on the knowledge that the mind and body are deeply interconnected and, in fact, not separate from another.

Their amazing teachers apply the knowledge of freediving, neuroplasticity, and modern brain science to help students on their yogic journeys.

Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive

Gracefully capturing the enchantment of Bali, Radiantly Alive is a homely and openhearted yoga studio. At Radiantly Alive, they believe in keeping it simple, staying true to the roots and authenticity.

The vibe at Radiantly Alive is grounded and warm. The yoga they practice is rooted in traditional yogic knowledge. The teachers at Radiantly Alive are highly experienced and inspiring, and their classes sure to transmit the love and passion for yoga.

The yoga they teach reflects the rooted presence in authentic and traditional yogic knowledge. They believe that the traditional and ancient yogic knowledge is sacred and valuable beyond words. And so, they are dedicated and devoted to imbibing this knowledge in their classes.

They have three gorgeous yoga studios in their premises where you will learn Radiantly Alive vinyasa, Ashtanga yoga, sky yoga, roll and release, yin yoga, Iyengar yoga, acro yoga and so much more.

Seminyak Yoga Shala

Seminyak Yoga Shala

Conveniently located in Seminyak, Bali, this yoga studio by the divine goddess yoga brand, is one of the best yoga studios in Bali. This amazing yoga studio is best for those who want to learn Ashtanga yoga Mysore and Hatha Vinyasa yoga.

They offer daily classes of Ashtanga Mysore and Hatha Vinyasa yoga and also have a divine goddess retail store and café in their premises. This studio is nestled in a quiet and serene place where you can truly focus on the integrity of your yoga practice.

They offer the Ashtanga Vinyasa for six days in a week in the mornings, and these classes are taught by an authorized KPJAYI Ashtanga yoga teacher who studied under the pioneer of Ashtanga yoga, Shri K Pattabhi Jois. The Hatha Vinyasa classes are taught by a small team of passionate yoga teachers.

This air-conditioned yoga studio located in a quiet and place is one of the best Bali yoga studios.

Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center


Located in a charming and traditional Balinese village, the yoga studio at Ashtanga research center aims to transmit the traditional teachings of Ashtanga yoga. Their vision is to empower students to become global ambassadors of traditional Ashtanga Mysore yoga.

The Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Centre is “the” place to practice the solid form of Ashtanga Mysore yoga. Their main teachers, Prem and Radha, are highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge of Ashtanga yoga.

Their adjustments are fresh, creative, and different from what you would find in other yoga schools. They believe that they learn from their students as the students learn from them and invite you to step inside the labyrinth of your body and mind to discover your true self.

Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali yoga studio

At Samadi Bali, they believe that yoga teaches us to dance with the universe. Located in Canggu, the team members of Samadi are dedicated to bringing healing and health through yoga, meditation, nutritious food, and Ayurveda.

They believe in holistic health practices, and the vibe at this yoga studio reflects that. The sense of wholeness and simplicity you feel at Samadi is undeniable and is created because of the team’s sincere devotion and belief in holistic healing.

This lush and inspiring environment has some of the best teachers and team members, which include the titles of life coach and soul food artist, chakra balancer, craniosacral therapist, cloudbuster, body mechanic, and others.

They have classes for all levels, but their advanced Ashtanga yoga class is one of their best.

Morning Light Yoga Studio

Morning Light Yoga Studio

Located amid Mother Nature, morning light yoga studio offers an open-air yoga studio where you can deeply connect to the manifestations of Mother Nature. Surrounded by breath-taking views of the luscious forests, their yoga sessions are profoundly moving.

They offer two daily classes where you can unwind, connect deeply to the natural world while you traverse the sacred space of your body. Their studio provides the perfect ambience to help cultivate an internal and external connection of mind, body, and soul.

With the soul-soothing yoga classes, complimentary post-class cold coconuts, and ten percent off the bill at their Mana restaurant, this place is a whole package of holistic healing.

This Bali yoga studio is one of the best for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions with some charming views.

Desa Seni

Desa Seni - yoga studio bali

Described as an art village, Desa Seni gracefully showcases culture, religion, and traditional rituals of Indonesia. The yoga studio is located in a gorgeous tropical spot perfect for enjoying yoga sessions, the warmth of the sun, and some refreshing coconut water.

They offer traditional yoga classes and have been internationally accredited by The Yoga Alliance. Here is what they have in their spiritual basket – daily yoga sessions, retreat programs, personal yoga retreats, wellness packages, organic nourishment, a holistic spa, and a beautiful gift shop.

A true haven for yogis, their teachers, are dedicated and passionate and offer various classes from open level Hatha yoga and restorative yin to more challenging styles of yoga-like Vinyasa Bhakti flow and Ashtanga.

Their open-aired wooden flooring yoga pavilion is surrounded by mysterious gardens that make it one of the best Bali yoga studios. They also offer meditation, fly high, Tantra, and Kundalini yoga sessions.

The Yoga Rescue

The Yoga Rescue - yoga studio in bali

Located in Jimbaran, a beautiful seaside town in Bali where golden sands lead to limestone cliffs, the yoga rescue offers various styles of yoga to feed the fires of your yogic soul. Nestled amidst the tropical forests of the Jimbaran, yoga rescue has a charming vibe of wholeness and wildness.

Their classes include Pilates mat, core power, power flow, beginner yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and others. They also offer special workshops and personal yoga retreats to those that wish to experience the deep spirituality of Bali yoga.

Set in a serene garden atmosphere, this yoga studio in Jimbaran is a petite green sanctuary where the sweet sound of the birds and a tender breeze will accompany you while you embark on the healing journey of yoga.

Ubud Yoga Center

Ubud Yoga Center

One of the best Bali yoga studios, Ubud yoga center, lies more on the spectrum of being a modern yoga space that is filled with light, art, culture, and joyous hearts. This yoga studio is sure to give you the authentic yoga experience that you have been looking for.

Their two-storied building runs on natural renewable energy with solar panels creating a serene vibe of nature and spirituality. Their teachers are committed to inspiring you and transmit the love for yoga with passion and dedication.

All levels of yogis are welcome in this naturally lit space. They offer Hatha yoga, yin yoga, Pilates, and Kundalini yoga in Ubud though their Bikram yoga and hot yoga are the most loved yoga classes.

Serenity Yoga

Serenity Yoga

Located in the heart of Canggu, Serenity Yoga is a quiet, carefree, and soothing space. Snuggled in the environmentally-conscious premises of serenity eco guesthouse, serenity yoga studio is the perfect place to dive deep within the silent chambers of your inner landscapes through yoga.

Their classes have both – diversity and affordability and offer a range of 10 yoga classes you can choose from. They offer yin yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, power yoga, and so much more. From beginners to advanced, there is something for all levels of yogis here.

They also hold weekly workshops on breath work, self-love, and self-development.

Summing It Up

Bali is a haven for yoga lovers and spiritual enthusiasts. It is a place where you can find deep healing, connection, and spiritual growth. Once you put your foot on the sacred soil of Bali, follow your heart and let it take you to the yoga studio that is best for your soul’s growth.

As Rumi says, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

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