13 Travel Trends for 2022 to Inspire your Wanderlust

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Does the wanderlust in you scream for a change? Does that monument in your neighborhood city not enough interesting to you? Change your ways for a better experience and read to know the upcoming travel trends in 2020.

In your day-to-day life, you will never see something in the same state as it was days ago or in rare cases an hour ago and that’s how the universal protocols work. Do you know what else exfoliates its old skin year after year? It is the travel trends and the theme that is going through a major makeover. Thanks to the millennial generation, consumer behavior, and a boom in the wellness sector that have cumulatively alchemized the Travel Industry in no time. Fair enough because the way you saw Paris last year or in 1997, is definitely not what the destination is now. Apart from aforementioned factors, there are many more instances that change a traveler’s perception like political changes, natural calamities or chances of it occurring, high alert areas, and real estate restrictions. Nonetheless, it all boils down to one incontestable fact- travelers and health enthusiasts are going to reap benefits from the seeds these changes are sowing.

So, What are these Exciting Travel Trends 2020 all About?

1. Solo Trip Fad

Solo Trip Fad

“One woman travelled the northern Europe on a bike”, “A 50 year old man went on a solo trip to Andaman”, what do feel when you see these news popup on your Facebook feeds? No joke, you feel bedazzled by the courage and the undying hope these people carry in their hearts. According to Travel Leaders Group, about 37% of respondents involved in a survey revealed that a major part of their future travel plans comprises solo trips to popular destinations. The major reason behind the rise of this particular genre of travel is the strong urge to put down one’s feet to reality, disconnect from stress, and discover an unexplored terrain at one’s own pace.

2. B-Leisure Mix

B-Leisure Mix

This is a perfect blend of work and some chill time out at a beach, bow down to B-Leisure Travels or Business-Leisure Travels. This might not come as a surprise for many people but for some it is definitely a thunderclap. A recent survey conducted by a popular car rental company revealed that business travelers and company officials are more likely interested in mixing their strenuous work trips with leisure or take some out to explore that place on the very same trip. Another set of data from the same survey says that 56% of the respondents would love to include their children and family on their business-leisure trips. This is probably a fad that is gradually turning into a raging cult amongst 40+ business people and officials.

3. Soothing Wellness Trips

Soothing Wellness Trips

It is 2020 and people are health and fitness conscious. Social media influence, self-worth or the gloss of the glamour world, you can call it whatever you want, but the reality is that people want to love themselves and do like to invest in their personal well-being. The Global Wellness Institute has forecasted a rise of Yoga Retreats and Detox Holidays by 2022 and the wellness sector is expected to reach a whopping $920 billion in coming years. The wellness holidays like Yoga vacations, women retreats, and solo meditation time-out are organized at special destinations that allow a traveler to indulge, douse in a serene environment and enjoy alone time.

4. Adventure Extravaganza

4Adventure Extravaganza

The daily peregrination from home to work has finally surfaced in the form of monotony and a source of uncomely energies like negative thinking, stress, and depression. You probably need a dash of adventure in your bland recipe of life and going for an adventure holiday sounds like a plan. Taking a trail from the wellness trips, you have the opportunity to go for a trek or surf on the beaches of popular destinations like Mexico and Costa Rica. These vacation ideas are a big thing amongst youngsters and the basic millennial generation, however, this is gaining attention of people with families and kids as well.

5. Instagram-ability


One great advantage of social media is that it takes you to places you have never seen in your life and thereby gives you virtual happiness. In a nutshell, platforms like Instagrambring both worlds together on the same horizon. A survey by a renowned UK-based company Schofields revealed that 40% of individuals involved who were below the age of 33 prefer going to places as described and showcased on social platforms like Instagram. They are intrigued by how the location is presented and the scenic beauty comes through as extremely luring. This proves how big of an impact social media is going to have on the travel choices.

6. Mini Breaks

Mini Breaks

Travelers and health vacation enthusiasts are gradually coming to terms with the fact that long breaks require a lot of money and time. This gives rise to short-term goals comprising mini vacations and sporadic movement out of their country or state for a peaceful disconnect. A combined statement from the world’s biggest resorts says that, vacationers are choosing frequent small breaks in-between their tight schedule instead of a week-long holiday or an escapade that incurs in almost a fortnight. Retreats, Spa holidays, trekking extravaganzas, festivals and honeymoon packages in destinations like India, Nepal, Spain, and Thailand are designed in such a way that it brings everything back to the center and proves to be less burdening on the pockets as well.

7. Eco-friendly Travels

Eco-friendly Travels

What if you travel and take care of the planet at the same time? Yes, it is no uncalled figment but a reality that is garnering praise from all over. The new-age travel troop is realizing the fact that a responsible travelling experience is worthy of attention and investment. Beach owners from all over the world are rejoicing as they see travelers acting with integrity during a break, not harming the harmony or spoiling the beach with garbage and empty coke cans. Another major makeover has been noticed in the way some hotels are operating in the recent times. These hotels and resorts have turned some departments of their operations completely green and eco-friendly.

8. Creative Customized Breaks

A popular choice amongst college-goers and the millennial herd, many travel agencies are working towards advertising tailor-made vacation packages that serves a specific purpose or a traveler’s requirement. For instance, travel management companies are coming up with themes like Youth Festival Travel Packages for Nigeria, Day of the Dead Celebrations in the USA, and many more offbeat travel plans. There are many popular travel companies that have forayed into theme based vacations and are currently offering popular trips to Africa, and cultural vacations in Cuba, to name a few.

9. Island Love

Island Love

Forget the tropics or plains, people nowadays prefer soothing breezy Islands over scorching areas and desserts. A small data displayed on the popular platform Pinterest says that the search for unexplored beaches and islands has surged in numbers by 179%, which means travelers want to vibe high with these mysterious places. For instance, destinations like Bali, Thailand and Sri Lanka have topped the charts and people want to know more about these places other than the regular markets, history, and mythology associated. These beach escapes are also a favorite of people who travel for a luxury disconnect and would love to stay in upscale resorts by the sea.

10. The Love for Caribbean Countries

A report by OAG, a globally renowned travel data company states that the number of departure flights from the USA have increased by 18%, which means Caribbean countries are in demand. Islands like Puerto Rico have managed to revamp their dilapidated parts of it that were once ruined by monstrous hurricanes and floods. The Caribbean countries have surely risen from the ashes and have returned to the travelers’ choice list with a wham. The flight rates are cheap, proximity to these countries has improved and beaches are now flourished like before. This is definitely one of the travel trends in 2020 to look forward to.

11. Family Sabbaticals

Family Sabbaticals

If you find social media celebrities and their kids wearing the latest fashion wear and trekking the mysterious woods in Nicaragua, then best believe that family nomadic trips are in vogue. According to a report on workforce and talent pool, it has been revealed that by 2020, a major part of the UK and US workforce will go freelance in their respective work areas. This is a subtle hint that families will have time to enjoy, learn, and disconnect from the stressful lives together. The trend of family gap years and kids’ break are on the rise and by the end of 2020, families will be seen jumping into the sea for a marvelous snorkel experience.

12. Couple Intrepid Escapade

Couple Intrepid Escapade

Gone are the days, when couples wanted to go for a hill station, stay inside their wooden cottages, and sip their hot chocolate in silence. With time, the choices changed and so does how their respective hormones work. So, what is on the table for lovely couples and newly-weds or even people in new partnerships? The cupid’s arrow has not pierced through their heart, but instead have opened the doors to the adrenaline souls that were hidden behind the closed walls. A research by a renowned specialist travel agency says that,travelers, couples and partners are highly inclined towards trips in the wilderness, mountainous regions, hot desserts, and even daring safaris. Some of the oddly beautiful destinations like Papua New Guinea, Tibetan Plateau, and Patagonia are on the bucket list.

13. CBD Treatment Holidays

13. CBD Treatment Holidays

There is always something out-of-the-box that catches the attention and delivers what it promises. A strange travel trend in 2020 is going to include CBD or Cannabidiol based Spa vacations. This is more like a tailor-made or customized trip for youngsters or hippies by soul kind of people who search for a break that is both exciting and serene. Countries like Canada, the USA and India, where CBD is easily accessible, people are oddly attracted to these vacations for both fun and bliss. You can find Spas and Sauna treatments that involve the use of Marijuana in small quantities being offered to the travelers in the form of body massage, face packs, body butter wraps and much more. People living in colder countries or at height use Marijuana leaves in their tea for comfortable sleep.

So, what is your pick in 2020?

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