13 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Spiritual Retreat

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It is important to give your mind, body and soul a break from everyday life and its related stresses. A spiritual retreat is a great place to escape to, introspect and heal.

You have to grow from the inside out…There is no other teacher but your own soul.”Swami Vivekananda

There’s no denying that our day-to-day life revolves all-around running around. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we are constantly rushing. It is a good idea to sometimes, hit the pause button, sit back and enjoy. A retreat vacation is an amazing choice to unwind. There are tons of benefits of spiritual retreats, which leave you feeling better, to an extent that you will be connected with the spiritual and emotional side of your self.

What is a retreat vacation?

If you have never experienced one, it is only natural to ask what is a retreat vacation. It is a vacation which you spend in a spiritual retreat, relaxing, unwinding and all the while, taking care of your mind body and soul. The only difference between a regular vacation and a retreat vacation is that the latter is aimed at being a treatment program for your body, mind, soul and spirit.

What is a spiritual retreat?

what is spiritual retreats
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A trip to a spiritual retreat is beneficial for your overall well-being and health. But it is important to understand the real definition behind the question: what is a spiritual retreat. A spiritual retreat is a place where you go to get away from material problems and to reconnect with your soul. It is a place for introspection, self-care and healthy living. Retreats offer their participants a number of activities such as yoga, meditation, massage, lessons on philosophy, self-introspection, personal growth and more. The focus, facilities, accommodation, programs and classes vary from retreat to retreat, but the primary goal is to reach out to your tired body, mind and soul to heal from within.

The benefits of a retreat vacation are endless and irrespective of your situation in life, a retreat vacation is a perfect choice for a number of reasons.

Why You Should Go On a Spiritual Retreat

1. You Deserve a Break

The biggest reason why you need to go to a spiritual retreat is because you deserve a break. Everyday work, stress and worry can take a toll on our life, resulting in a number of health conditions, early ageing and poor mental health. It is essential to take your time out of everything else, go somewhere tranquil to gather your thoughts and improve your health. A retreat offers you the most perfect environment to switch off your regular life and caresses you back to health.

2. De-stress Your Body

Our body is immensely affected by our lifestyles. Most people these days are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle, spending most of their time in front of a screen. This kind of lifestyle leads to a number of problems of the spinal cord, digestive system and more. To add to that with all the modern amenities humans aren’t able to utilize their body to full physical potential. In order to counter the damages to our body, it is necessary to take a break from it all, and take better care of your body. A retreat with its yoga, massages etc will help relieve the stress.

3. Your Mind Needs Rest Too

Our mind is working all the time, even when we are snoozing off. With the constant pressure of life, the stress gets to the mind, affecting mental health in the long run. Diseases like depression, anxiety etc, along with other existing disorders get aggravated, and triggered by the constant pressure. With the relaxing effects of yoga and other spiritual practices, it helps your mind get the much-needed rest.

4. Nourish Your Soul

If you are wondering what to do on a spiritual retreat, simply take a break to nourish your soul. Most of the good retreats offer sessions and workshops on personal growth, philosophy, ethics and other important questions in life, which encourage you to introspect. Moreover, tranquility and solitude will offer you a lot of time for retrospection. This aids in your personal development as you start focusing on your journey, and helps you improve as a person.

5. Engage in Positivity

One thing you will find in any retreat that you attend is a heap of infectious positive energy. The kinds of energies we are surrounded by affect our lives as well as us as a person. With all the negative emotions and people we are subjected to, an occasional retreat is essential to replenish yourself with tons of positivity, happiness and love. Notwithstanding, with all the motivational coaching and kindness around, a retreat vacation helps you get through life with a clearer and more positive outlook.

6. Much Needed Solo Time

If you want to get away from the hassles of the civilization, responsibility of family, stress of work, friends etc, nothing like a solo trip to a retreat to help you relax. When it comes to a regular vacation, it is more acceptable to have travel companions and most accommodations, restaurants, and sightseeing options are usually less convenient for a single traveller. But a large section of people who visit spiritual retreats do arrive solo in their journey.

7. Strengthening Family Bonds

Often the stress of everyday lives results in families bickering, fighting and engaged in unnecessary conflicts. Taking a retreat vacation together is a great way to ease out those tensions, and to strengthen the bonds. There are tons of retreats, which are even child friendly, offering fun activities along with yoga, and meditation for kids too. This will not only help you travel as a family, if you are a parent, these retreats are also beneficial for the little ones.

8. Find Like-Minded Community

One of the biggest benefits of spiritual retreats is finding like-minded community to share your passions with. Unless you opt to attend a yoga or meditation class, it is not easy to find like-minded people to share your passion for your soul searching together. Attending a spiritual retreat helps you share this journey with several other travellers along the way, who not only understand, but also share your deep passion. You can come out with friends for life.

9. Improve Your Everyday Skills

If you are a Yoga or meditation enthusiast, practitioner or even an instructor, nothing like a good retreat to help hone your skills. You can take lessons from some of the best expert yogis, work on your spiritual journey with excellent masters and enjoy a good learning experience. You can take classes on new disciplines, styles, branches and methods, which you can later apply back at home, on your clients and students. Above all, a retreat offers you excellent scope to learn and share your knowledge with other experts.

10. Get Professional Help

If you don’t know whether it is a right choice for you or what to do on a spiritual retreat, simply go there for the excellent professional help. We carry the invisible weight of so much stress on our minds, bodies and souls that it affects us on an everyday basis. But we are not equipped to identify, leave alone alleviate that. This is where a little bit of professional help comes to use.

11. Detox and Healthy Eating

Most people are not conscious about their eating habits, consuming large amounts of junk food, sugar, refined and processed food, alcohol etc regularly. We consume a lot of chemicals that cause damage to the digestive system. A visit to a retreat will help you to improve your eating habits immensely. A larger number of retreats offers healthy, organically grown and locally sourced ethical food in a balanced quantity. This helps detox your system and also gives you a basic idea of a diet plan, which you can try to follow later when you are back home.

12. Connect with Nature

Cooped up in our urban jungles we are fast losing touch with nature. Shuffling between work, home and other necessary engagements, we rarely get the time to slow down and spend time with nature. Most spiritual retreats lay major emphasis on the importance on nature and us being a part of it. From being situated in the lap of nature surrounded by flora and fauna to including plants as a part of their property to organizing natural activities, retreats help people connect to nature.

13. Explore a New Culture

Travelling to a new place or country to attend a spiritual retreat gives you the opportunity to see a new land, but not just as a tourist. You get a chance to immerse yourself in its culture, landscape, nature, sights, sounds and everything else. At a retreat guests are served locally grown food made with the best ingredients. You experience the place, instead of just visiting it.

To Conclude…

Spending your time in a retreat heals, repairs, relaxes and rejuvenates you, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It grounds you and offers you levels of mental clarity that will help you get back on your feet fresher. If you are reeling under the stress of life, it is time to step back and book yourself a vacation to a spiritual retreat.

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