Yoga Retreats: All You Ever Wanted to Know


Are yoga retreats worth it? While this question is doing frequent rounds these days, the answer to it fairly and largely depends on what you are seeking out from a yoga retreat. Before we talk more on the benefits of such a retreat and why you should register for one right now, let’s first talk about what a yoga retreat actually is.

What is a Yoga Retreat?

Yoga retreat is a structured program designed for yoga people, aspiring yogis, fitness-freaks, and the likes so they can delve deeper into their practises and reap maximum benefits out of the same. These retreats usually take place at offshore locations and are generally spread over a period of 3 days to a week or two. This structured freedom helps people reconnect with themselves so they go back ready to face the world with a new blast of energy combined with a new perception about life and world.

Types of Yoga Retreats

Just so no one wishing to delve into a journey within feels missing out on these, there are various types of yoga retreats one can choose from.

Here, we have tried to segregate these retreats based on the common queries faced by our clients:


Are you just starting out and wish to enroll for a beginner yoga retreat (that covers just the basics of hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga)? Or are you an experienced yogi wishing to explore more with advanced yoga retreat sessions (on the path to self-discovery)?


The basics of yoga and retreats seem to be evolving on a day-to-day basis. Today, you can choose from ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, and vinyasa yoga among others based on your preference.


Choosing the above types can be a bit influenced by the purpose you have in your mind regarding the yoga retreats. If you wish to simply start out, a basic yoga retreat will do. Otherwise, there are yoga retreats that especially cater to spiritual journey, wellness, mental health & anxiety, and so on.

Yoga treks or yoga hiking retreats are also being preferred by many around the world these days.


There are budget yoga retreats that provide with basic food and accommodation facilities and then there are luxury yoga retreats that give you the facility to not just have luxury accommodation and food but also individualised attention because the group participants here are small in number.

What to Expect from a Yoga Retreat?

You can expect calmness, positivity, and soul recovery with yoga treats. However, there’s more…

While the very basic idea of a yoga retreat is to provide you with an opportunity to delve deeper inside you, so you can introspect on what you are and what you want in this ‘ME’ time, the idea is fast accommodating other needs as well. Today, yoga retreats have taken the form of mini vacations that have fitness-through-yoga as their main theme.

Many out there do not want to hamper with the basic idea of rawness associated with yoga while others who are out on a fitness-combined vacation crave for luxury and delicacies even when out on a yoga retreat.

The point is, YOU need to decide what you actually want from a yoga retreat to lead an integrated life.

How to Find the Right Yoga Retreat?

Once you have made up your mind to be a part of  a yoga retreat, we would like to believe this will increase your curiosity to learn more about yoga and the related retreats. This curiosity will help you prepare right for the yoga retreat so you could reap maximum benefits out of the session. There is no particular key to help you find the right yoga retreat but knowing certain things beforehand definitely helps zero-in on the one.

Personal Satisfaction

Make sure the retreat you wish to attend gives what you are seeking. It should be a recognized school – to start with – and you can learn a lot about that particular school by checking customer reviews on their website or social media channels.

Yoga Level/ Style

There are yoga retreats for beginners, yoga retreats for experienced yogis, yoga retreats for women, hiking yoga retreats and other categories which you can choose from based on your specific demand and needs.


Location too comes into play in setting the vibe you’d require to reconnect and revitalise. While your budget plays a major role in deciding the location, make sure you are not compromising just to save a few dollars.

Knowing the Guru or Yoga Teacher

It always helps if you research about the guru or teacher under whom you will be practising yoga during the period of retreat beforehand.

How to Make Your Retreats More Economical?

A lot of people find it hard to manage time from their busy lives to actually travel to a far-off destination so they can be part of a yoga retreat.

Sometimes, their budget too stops them from further enquiring about a yoga retreat that may well fit within their frame.

If any of these seems to be stopping you, you can even enquire about a retreat happening near to where you stay. This way, you can manage your time and budget both along with having some time off to yourself.

Moreover, energy-exchange (bartering services in what you excel for a complimentary stay and food) is a concept that is on a rise these days. This is an excellent way to bring the yoga retreat costs to a minimal fee and that is. All you need to do is, check beforehand if your set of services is required – or not – by the retreat organisers.

Going back energised is a feeling that cannot be compared to anything else. The money and time you put in looks like every bit worth when you see a new light of positivity enter you. Comment in the comments’ section below if you are planning to be a part of a fun and energising yoga retreat anytime soon.

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