21 Yoga Equipment and Accessories to Get Started Your Yoga Journey

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The universe of yoga is paradoxical. It’s simple and yet complicated. You don’t need much, but the right yoga equipment and accessories help greatly.

Whether you are a yoga studio owner, yoga teacher, or a student, this printable yoga travel packing list will help you navigate your way in through the yoga world.

Here are 21 yoga equipment and accessories that will smoothen your yoga experience:

Yoga hand towel

A yoga hand towel is a necessity, especially if you are an Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, or a hot yoga practitioner. These styles of yoga get you sweating within no time as you start your practice.

You don’t want sweat dripping all over you while you are attempting your scorpion pose. You want your hands and shoulders dry to get a good grip on your yoga mag. A yoga towel will keep you dry as you move through a healing and sweaty yoga class.

The yoga towel is a must-have for all the hardcore yoga practitioners.

Yoga mat

This is obvious and must have yoga equipment. The yoga mat is your personal yoga home, where you experience the magic of the practice of yoga. Without this home, you would feel incomplete.

Get a yoga mat that has a grip on both sides. The downside grips the floor, and the upper side provides you with a solid grip during a challenging asana.

Yoga bag

You have a yoga mat, but you can’t just carry the yoga mat around. It might get damaged or too dirty. To keep your yoga mat safe, and to make it easier to carry your precious yoga mat around, make sure to get a yoga bag.

Cloth yoga bags with a simple and beautiful design are the best ones to get. Get a yoga bag that is simple, light, and sturdy enough to hold your mat. Yoga bags come in several sizes and shapes. They can be found at hippy festivals; artsy shops and you can also buy them online.

Yoga strap for mat

If you don’t want to get a yoga bag and you feel it’s too much to carry around, you can keep it simple by getting a yoga strap. A yoga strap is a strap of cloth that attaches to the top and bottom of the yoga mat.

It holds the top and bottom with its grip, and the middle portion of the strap is used to string the yoga mat on your bag. It’s an easy and less expensive solution than a yoga mat. However, yoga strap puts your mat at risk of getting dirty.

Other than that, yoga straps are an easy option to carry your yoga mat around.

Yoga towels

Whole yoga hand towels are used to clean the sweat off you during your yoga practice; yoga towels are used in place of a yoga mat. Yoga towels provide a softer surface than yoga mats and are more comfortable for certain types of yoga styles.

You can place the yoga towel on the top of your yoga mat to give you an excellent grip in a class like hot yoga or vinyasa yoga, where your sweat glands are free-flowing abundantly.

Yoga towels can be folded and rounded up and fit in your bag. They are easy to carry around and are a must-have accessory for the hardcore yogis.

Yoga block

Yoga block are a must-have accessory, whether at the yoga studio or at home for your personal practice. First used in Iyengar yoga to provide the body with the correct alignment, yoga blocks are a charming prop.

They help lengthen, extend, deepen, and soften the asana. They help you by giving the correct alignment your body needs to heal and strengthen. The blocks provide stability and support, especially when moving into a challenging yoga posture.

They put less strain on the body, help relax the body, and stretch the body depending on what is needed.

Yoga strap for asanas

Not to be confused by the yoga strap mentioned above, this yoga strap is used for yoga postures and not for the yoga mat. A yoga strap is an excellent prop and was also first used in Iyengar yoga. It stretches the body during different asanas.

The yoga straps help by making the postures more accessible, even if you are not so flexible at first. They also eventually help increase flexibility when practiced right. You can use the strap at the yoga studio, buy it from a yoga merchandise shop or an online store.

Yoga blanket

A yoga blanket, although it might be very tempting, is not to be used to curl up and cuddle on your couch. It is to give your body support while you perform specific asanas. Also used in Iyengar yoga first, yoga blanket is another ace accessory to have.

You can get beautiful yoga mats with soothing designs and colors. You can buy them online or a store near your house. There are some charming wool yoga blankets that are available online.

Yoga bolster

A yoga bolster is a soft big side body pillow that is designed to bring you comfort while you practice yoga. It is used in therapeutic forms of yoga, such a prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, and regenerative yoga.

It gives you the comfort of a big pillow and makes you feel safe and right at home during your yoga practice. This is a great accessory to have at home or in the studio for a soothing, calming, and healing yoga experience.

Yoga mat cleaners

This is a crucial yoga accessory. As you keep your home clean, the yoga mat needs to be kept clean for a bright and clean yoga experience. Different mats need to be cleaned in different ways, so follow the guidelines mentioned.

Some yoga mats need to be cleaned in warm water, some in cold water, and some just need to be washed in soap. Knowing how to clean your mat with a mat cleaner is an important skill to have for every yogi.


This is one of the most crucial things to get clear on. The clothes you wear for your yoga practice make all the difference and determine your yoga experience. Wear yoga clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Keep in mind to wear clothes that allow you to stretch, fold, and move your body in various yoga postures. A simple t-shirt and comfortable and stretchable yoga pants are ideal for both men and women.

Yoga rollers

Yoga rollers are a great addition to make to your equipment and accessory list. There are many benefits of the foam rollers. Rollers help reduce body soreness after an intense hot or power yoga session.

The help increases blood while also elevating the heat in the involved tissues. They also reduce tightness in the body, so they are perfect to be used before a yoga session to loosen up the body a bit if needed.

Yoga sandbags

Sandbags are powerful yoga equipment. They are mainly used in therapeutic, restorative, and yin yoga to help you feel supported and grounded. These buffed friends are firm and yet have a gentle weight.

Wrapping emotions in a sense of safety, they help in melting muscles that are tightly gripped and smoothen out fatigued energy. They are perfect for making your experience a solid yet gentle one. You can buy these sandbags online or at a yoga or sports outlet in your city.

Yoga wheel

Just like the wheel of life, the yoga wheel will keep your yoga practice exciting and challenging. They help in increasing and strengthening core stability and give a solid grip on stabilizing the muscles in the body.

While they help you gain immense body awareness when used in the right way, they also help you advance in your practice by practising challenging asanas and yoga postures.

Yoga DVD’s

There are some fantastic yoga DVDs out there in the market and online that will give you an exhilarating yoga experience. Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, and hatha yoga are the yoga styles offered on DVDs.

They are perfect if you want to practice at the comfort of your home away from the hustle-bustle of a yoga studio. There are some fantastic DVDs on ashtanga yoga online that you can buy to learn yoga at home by yourself.

DVDs are amazing to have when you are not in the mood to go to the yoga studio but still don’t want to miss out on your yoga practice.

Yoga chairs

First used in Iyengar yoga, yoga chair helps in you in achieving more flexibility in your yoga practice. The give you the ability to bend, stretch, twist, and move freely during your yoga practice.

Yoga chairs are also great for older people as it helps make their yoga experience less stressful and put less strain on their body. They give support to the body while practising yoga postures.

Using yoga chairs reduces anxiety, protects joints and helps build balance and strength.

Scented candles

These are lovely yoga accessories to have to make your yoga experience a pleasant and soothing one. The candles add a sense of peace, calm, and beauty to the ambiance of the place of practice.

You can use the candles in your yoga studio or use them at home during your personal yoga practice. Yoga candles are especially soothing during a restorative or a yin yoga session.


A gong is a profoundly soothing and moving musical instrument that puts one in a deeply meditative state. You can use a gong to start your yoga practice or use it at the end to relax and soothe yourself.

If you are a yoga teacher, playing gong while your students are laying down in Savasana at the end of the class, can be a very soothing experience for your students.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks are another elegant addition to the list of yoga accessories. Incense sticks have been used in spiritual traditions for thousands of years. They bring a sense of peace and connection when they are lit.

So light one up for your yoga session and feel the connection and peace.

Meditation cushion

Meditation cushions are great to sit for a session of meditation after a yoga session. The body is calm and peaceful after a yoga session, which makes meditation easier. You can buy a beautiful meditation cushion online or at the store in your city.

Essential oils and diffuser

Essential oils have healing benefits as they are made of plants and healing oils. Start the diffuser with some essential oils and feel the peace diffuse into the air during your yoga class.

Sandalwood and lavender are two amazing essential oils you can get for your yoga practice.

When you first start practising yoga, you don’t really know what accessories and equipment you might need. So, this list will help you figure out what it is that you might need to have flawless yoga experience.

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