Top World Destinations for Curious College Students


Is your vacation coming closer? You are a lucky student there. However, while writing all those research papers and getting ready for your exams, you may have forgotten about planning your trip. That is not a problem – our guide will help you.

Berlin, Germany

Can you still remember the funny quartet traveling to the capital of Germany to find the girl for Scotty? Initially, Berlin was the final destination of the “Eurotrip” movie until the guys realized that their journey does not stop there. Anyway, it is one of the top visited locations by students for some good reason. When the clubs are locked, it is a great chance to have a walk along the legendary Berlin wall and feel the spirit of WWII and the gap between Eastern and Western Europe.

When it comes to the evening time, dress up to visit the lively venues full of tourists, local dancers, and street musicians. Keep in mind that it is possible to have a flight for less than 80 dollars, depending on where you travel. Those students who arrive from the United States or Australia may have to pay more for tickets, but they can save money on accommodations available at less than $30.

Salou, Spain

I keep on wondering why most tourists go to Madrid or Barcelona. Perhaps, because these two cities are the capitals of Spain and Catalonia, its independent state, however, it might be boring for you to take a walk in Madrid if you are a student. You will find more fun things to do in Salou, a tiny yet gorgeous town known for the marvelous dancing fountains and numerous beaches.

That is what an overloaded student needs by the end of another tiring academic year. If you love swimming and corresponding leisure, you may want to see the local water park called Costa Caribe.

Even the fans of speedy racing sports will find what to do in PortAventura World and Ferrari Land – there, you can also learn more about the history of the famous auto concerns. Flights to Spain are almost everywhere cheap, starting from around $50. Also, students will have to spend approximately $30 per day in the hotel. While on the trip, you may write essays for money or work as a guide, and you won’t feel a threat to your pocket.

Fez, Morocco

You may start from the capital of this beautiful, mystic country, but do not forget to explore Fez, one of the most famous places. They used to shoot classical “El Clone” TV series in these locations. Morocco is not a country of one or two cities – while traveling to Fez, observe the local beaches and deserts.

Once you are tired of the city life, take an excursion from Fez to Essaouira to do some windsurfing with the well-trained experts or visit the legendary Sahara Desert, up to a point near Tunisia where they used to shoot “Star Wars.” Other interesting offers include camel rides and star-gazing. Of course, you should not forget about the markets. Students will enjoy the great variety of goods in Fez.

Madrid, Spain

Okay, okay. Though we have admitted that Madrid is not as cool for sightseeing as other Spain cities, it still works excellently for students who wish to experience some nightlife after having a long Eurotrip. Be ready that most restaurants and pubs open here at 4 P.M. They work until sunrise. Most of the clubs are great for students who would love to dance their socks. They offer different genres of music and potent drinks. As for the mornings, you can relax with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate along with the local meal – churros. It will help you to come back to life after another hangover.

Budapest, Hungary

This is, perhaps, the most attractive and inspiring city in Eastern Europe, along with Prague. Budapest stands on the breathtaking Danube, where you can set off for various excursions and longer cruises. First, explore some of the local museums to get ready for your history class and relax in the thermal baths. Do not forget to taste the domestic cousin that includes famous goulash and to top it off. Mind that this destination is more expensive than the rest on our list.


As you can see, plenty of places around the world are waiting for curious students. Sure, most of them are not available during the global lockdown, but it cannot last forever. Right?

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