Top 7 Places You Can Choose to Visit to Celebrate New Year 2023

    New Year 2019

Its again that time of the year when we start contemplating with family and friends over plans for New Year’s party. Over the years, however, a shift in the mindset has been witnessed and people no longer want to limit themselves to New Year’s parties and that’s it. Boozing endlessly and irresponsibly and then waking up with a heavy and spinning head on the very first day of a very new year is not an idea many wish to resonate with.

More and more people these days are shifting towards long and fulfilling plans, letting their long-pending dreams play a major role. One such way that has found home in the hearts and minds of people these days is traveling. They have started making good use of New Year’s break from studies and work by traveling in their home country or far and wide, depending on their needs, dreams, and budget of course.

If you too have a travel-junkie hidden inside of you, this is the best time to let it out and travel the world. Here’s a list of our favourite destinations you should definitely pick one to travel to and explore this New Year’s (we are sure you will be more than proud of your decision).

Go Through Our Curated List Of Top Seven Places You Can Choose From To Visit And Welcome New year 2019 In Style.

1. United States of America :


Be it the significant ball drop in New York or breathtaking fireworks show in Las Vegas, the entertainers in US of America know how to do it right, year after year. If you wish to attend a crazy event before you die, you should definitely be here this New Year’s.

2. Australia :

sydney-opera-house at new year

For a wonderful family time, you should be present in amazing New Year celebrations that take place in Sydney, Australia. Opera House and Harbour Bridge get a different look this time of the year, bedazzled with colourful and bright lights and shows that inject life to everything throughout the place.

3. Hong Kong :

Victoria Harbour at new year

For a grand New Year’s party at a picturesque place, you should definitely head to Hong Kong this year end. This place is all about extravagance you will fall in love with, be it regarding celebrations or food. Victoria Harbour and Ocean Park act perfect hosts to people from around the world this day and live fireworks show makes the gala night a memorable one.

4. India :

new year celebration in India

If you wish to stay away from party-scenes this New Year’s and would rather go the food-for-thought way, India’s calling out for you. This country with its diverse cultures and even diverse people will drastically change the way you look at life in general. Their rich history combined with exotic food culture will definitely set the pace right for the New Year that we are soon to step into.

You can also look forward to extensive yoga teacher training courses while heading to vacationing in India.

5. Bali :

new year 2019 celebration in bali

For a calming and soothing New Year with the love of your life, you can head to beach nation Bali – known for its tranquil scenes. During New Year’s too, they are not as loud as many places known for their happening parties. The serenity the beaches of Bali will provide you with will help you step into the next year with a relaxed mind. Many people these days are also heading to Bali for calming and soothing yoga retreats.

6. Dubai :

new year celibration in Dubai

Known as a country of dreams and opulence, Dubai has its own magic rendered to New Year celebrations. The skyscrapers and other architectural beauties bath in bright lights from top to bottom and this is what gives Dubai a magical feel on this special eve. Everything reaches its maximum high when we have Dubai set as the backdrop.

7. Cape Town :


How can we not mention Cape Town when we talk about carnivals, lights, and fireworks? Cape Town – the coastal city of South Africa – is known for its landmarks like Table Mountain and Cape Point. The New Year celebrations bring people together giving them an insight into the best fireworks.

Now that the countdown to the biggest (and also the last) night of the year 2018 has begun, it is right time you started making and finalizing plans before your space is sold out.

While you party, don’t forget to pay attention to rejuvenation of mind and soul too this New Year’s. Or better yet, how about setting a realistic resolution to not be harsh or ignorant towards the needs of mind, body, and soul?

Let us know about your New Year 2019 travel plans in the comments’ section below.

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