How to Stay Connected with Yoga While Traveling Outdoor?

Yoga and traveling are inter-related in many ways. Both come with profound benefits for the body, mind and soul. However at times yoga while traveling becomes tough. Read on to learn how yoga can be easily accomplished while traveling.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustav Flaubert

What Gustav Flaubert had said is true in every sense. Unless you travel and explore the world, you’ll not be able to realize how insignificant your position in this world is. Traveling makes us humble and helps us to discover what we are in reality. Quite similar to yoga I guess.

Like traveling, yoga is also an educator that teaches us to embrace life as it is and discover our true self. The combination of these two can bring about a whole world of positive changes both physically and mentally. But, often at times yoga while traveling becomes a big concern. It becomes hard to maintain the routine while traveling since there are lots of things that come in the path. We are constantly thinking, constantly moving and concentrating on yoga is a huge ask while doing all this, isn’t it? Yes, it is but, there are ways through which you can still keep practicing yoga while traveling. Here’s how.

You Need to Adjust

Traveling is exciting, fun and yet, challenging at times. Everything may not go according to what you have planned. There may be times when you need to take a decision on the spot without giving the issue much of a thought. This means that you adjust according to what the situation demands.

 yoga while travelling

Yoga for travelers is all about adjustment and adapting to the present environment. You may not be able to find a perfect spot or may not have the required props, so what? The best part about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere!!! Be it the balcony of your hotel room, some quiet place on the beach or a secluded spot on the mountain side, just unfurl your mat and begin your practice. If required, modify some of the poses according to the place where you’ll be practicing. There is no point in being shy since you’re not doing anything shameful, right?

Decide Upon a Time of the Day for Practicing

Yoga on the road

This again is difficult I know especially if you are into hiking, trekking, etc. But, there’ll be a time of the day when you’ll not be traveling. Keeping that time on the mind, figure out an approximate time for your yoga practice. I have seen people perform yoga on the road while on their trekking trip in the Himalayas. So yes, it can be done.

The only thing is that you need to be honest with yourself. If you are deciding on the time, try to stick to it at any cost unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

You don’t Necessarily have to Bring Your Yoga Mat


You may be on a big tour with loads of luggage and somehow your yoga mat is just not fitting in the baggage. No worries! You can purchase a traveling yoga mat which is much lighter, sturdier and easier to fold as compared to the traditional ones.

Or else there is no need to carry a yoga mat at all. Who said that it is impossible to perform yoga poses without a mat? Remember you need to adapt? Ask for an extra sheet from your hotel to replace your ‘good ol mat’ for the time being. If you are not staying in a hotel, make use of something else like your sleeping mat for example. Do whatever it takes but just keep up with the practice.

Continue to Learn

Yoga isn’t all about asanas and meditation and pranayama. It is also about enhancing your knowledge of the subject so that you evolve into a true yogi and for that, you need to keep on learning as much as you can.

woman reading yoga magazine on airplane

When it’s time for you to travel, take books, journals or magazines on yoga with you. Read them whenever you get the time – while traveling in flights, trains, buses, etc. For people who are concerned about how to travel and do yoga, it is important to remember that reading books, journals, etc. gives you a new perspective on the subject and helps you to think and focus on the points which you were totally unaware of. Apart from passing time, it will help you to evolve.

Modify Your Poses According to the Need

Travel involves long hours of sitting with your hips, shoulders and legs getting cramped. It is uncomfortable and stresses you out totally. So, why not use those long hours of sitting to your advantage? Modify yoga poses while traveling and give your body the much needed relief from the stiffness and pain. While sitting, you may perform different chair yoga poses like seated twist, seated warrior pose, the neck opener, the hamstring slider, etc. Just a few minutes for each of the poses and you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

There are also asanas which don’t require a large amount of space and can be performed easily within a relatively small space. Like, for example, Tree Pose (Vriksasana), Chair Pose (Utkatasana), Standing Forward Fold Pose (Uttanasana) and Garland Pose (Malasana).

Stay Relaxed and Don’t Stress Out

stay relaxed

This may seem a little ‘off the topic’ but the reality is that, amid all the traveling, don’t let yourself stress out thinking that you are missing out on your yoga. This is in fact is one of the most important yoga travel tips for all those whole love yoga. Instead of stressing out, stay relaxed, chalk out things in your mind and sneak out times here and there to live up to your yoga practice.

Final Words

Yoga while traveling isn’t that difficult if you are focused on achieving it. Yes, there will be times when it may seem absolutely impossible but, don’t think about it too much. As I said, you need to sneak out times from your schedule. Don’t let the thought of doing your yoga ruin your travel. Keep an open mind and with the right intentions, you’ll be able to do both. Keep traveling, keep practicing. Happy Yoga!!!

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