How To Control Anger With Meditation?

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We all know and experience Anger. It’s natural. Sometimes, it’s the deluge of bad news that we are presented in the morning, the heated politics where the world seems getting angrier, the hatred discourse with friends, so much of the modern world pursuit is fueled by animosity.

While anger in certain situations is justified, more often than not, a majority of times it fosters bad relationships at work and life both. Anger develops division and hampers the health of the mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, there is a raising question: Are there ways to control anger? Is it possible to lessen and limit this destructive emotion?

The science of meditation is the key to cope up with the temper flares and to manage the anger. Anger management through meditation isn’t the process of completely abolishing anger from one’s life. Instead, it is a positive step in how you respond to certain situations that trigger it. Meditation empowers us to take charge and to channelize the anger in a healthy and productive way.

Let’s work on anger together with the art of Meditation:


Be Clear on the Cause of Anger

Many times, we use anger as a power-honoring strategy when we feel helpless and powerless. We yell to take the situation under control. Meditation is a technique that upgrades our thoughts. It teaches us true means of control rather than the illusion of control that we seek through lashing out.

Be Cool and Clear Head

Anger clouds the mind and crumples clear thoughts. In situations of no way out, keep your mind cool and clear. Meditation practices help us achieve this goal. Meditation melts anxiety and fosters mindfulness long before the boiling point.

Emotional Outburst

Anger leads to emotional outburst as well. Deep within the anger, we store feelings of inadequacy, fear, etc. Meditation helps us notice our emotions on a deeper level. When in anger, turn your attention to the feeling, listen to the thoughts, breathe, and notice the sensations in the body.

How To Control Anger with Meditation?


1. Cease The Mind Chatter:

By hushing the numerous thoughts that our brain generates, meditation can still the mind and successfully transform the negative inner thoughts into more complacent and positive ones. In meditation, the practitioners are encouraged to observe the thoughts without judgments, disabling the storm of thoughts and spirals of emotions leading to anger. Learn the techniques of meditation on a meditation retreat.

2. Positive Mindset

Embrace positivity with meditation. Meditation fosters self-confidence that replaces the feelings of ineffectiveness, incompetence, and helplessness. It alters the thinking at every level, makes the mind calm, and thoughts rationale. When thinking is creative, the awareness will be pure. “What we think, we become”– Buddha.

3. Activate the Cerebral Cortex

“Meditation is the blossoming of the prefrontal cortex to overcome the momentum of nature.”– Amit Ray. One of the best Anger Management Tips is to Meditate. A study by Harvard Neuroscientist– Dr. Sara Lazar found that religious meditators have more neural density, thickness, folds, and electrical activity within their prefrontal cortex that results in psychological balance, happiness, and higher level thinking. With so much goodness, it is hard to get angry.

4. Making Impossible- Possible

We often sense hatred, bitter, and emotional instability. Instead of living life in a mental gutter, transcend your experience with meditation. Meditation has the power to develop a higher mindset above anger to enable the mankind to achieve the impossible. Unlock higher possibilities of life with meditation.

5. Subconscious Exploration

Meditation serves as mental ‘Magellan,’ it navigates the depth of our mind weathering anger causing emotions. A quiet and activated subconscious mind is necessary to find out the solution. “ Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind.”– Unknown.

6. Letting Go of Anger

Meditation effectively weakens the power of stressful thoughts and its effects on the body and mind, thus strengthening our immune system to the bad reaction of anger. The mindfulness learned through meditation makes us keenly aware of our thoughts, the rise, and fall of sensations and makes us witness the thoughts instead of changing or being in control of them. This assists us in achieving an internal balance.

Meditation rewires the inner circuitry, transforms the thoughts, emotions, alters the brain patterns, increases emotional intelligence and so much more thereby diluting the fury out from our Life.

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