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    travel on a budget : budget travel

Are you wanderlust at soul level but your pocket tells a different story?  Explore the guide to know about the smart ways to travel on a budget.

Gone are the days, when travelling to a new destination or exploring new lands was all about packing bags and leaving, right away. Travelling was easier then, the value of money was high, and people had less monetary liabilities; therefore, vacations were more about sudden planning and thorough enjoyment. However, the modern era brought in a lot of upgrades, economic upheavals and what not. The archaic ideology of taking a trip catapulted into more of a responsible vacation planning. Nowadays, people prefer travelling on a budget with family or for more excitement, even solo. Most of the sought-after travel destinations are expensive in terms of food, stay, and local shopping, which together, calls for pre-planning and budget monitoring.

Here Are Dependable Traveling On A Budget Tips And That Too In A Smart Way:

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1. Check the Finances

Check the Finances

Dreams do come true but then you need to put across efforts to make them in the 3D world. This applies to travelling to your favorite destinations as well. You have bills to pay and mortgages to finish but then you want to go to Paris as well; therefore, start saving money NOW. Quite possible that, as you read, you have a list of budget travel destinations on your mind but then spending even a week during your stay, would require a good amount of money. The key is to cut back on leisure expenses, control your bills, and approach a minimalistic lifestyle. Furthermore, if your day and bandwidth allows, then go for freelance work for weekends and earn extra money. There are a number of ways to save money while you plan a trip at the first place. It is definitely worth every strudel you eat in a German restaurants or sushi in a Japanese eat-out.

2. Choosing the Right Time

choosing the right time

Wonder why flight prices drop at a certain time of the year and then skyrocket, the very next. This is called peak and off timings to travel to a certain country, which ultimately screams for your kind attention. Choose a country depending upon its festival calendar, economic status and weather. These attributes affects the price of tickets and the consequential entire travel, as you reach the destination. You can gather the information on such budget travel deals from a travel company, service provider, or through your understanding. For instance, it will be a pretty bad idea to travel to Europe during Christmas or let’s say to Bihar, India during Chatth Puja. Off-seasons not only allow you to choose from a gamut of budget travel flights but also let you splurge a little more. Smart tourists swarm destinations when the festival season is off and as a consequence, market prices are normal.

3. Stay like a ‘Smart Pant’

cheap hotel

The next step is to find a place where you would unpack, stay, relax, and sleep. No one is going to roam around the streets, the entire day. You can check for two things; either look for an acquaintance that lives there and ask for a temporary stay or go for cheap hotels. There is a greater possibility of ruling out the former and therefore, it becomes imperative for you to check for some awesome budget travel real deals online or get in touch with a travel planner/agent to tap onto some good information. If you choose to stay in a 3 star hotel, for instance, then you can easily have access to minimal requirement and free food. There are a plethora of hotels that offer food, snacks, and internet for free. You can also get a couple of personal care products, and basic grocery like tea bags and bread, anytime you want. All you have to do is to place an order at the reception. Moreover, you can stock up on these food items and take them along with you on your outdoor adventures.

4. Mindful Extravaganza

Mindful Extravaganza

One important thing that lays the foundation of this entire budget travel tours agenda is the way you shop or expend money on star attractions. However, there is always a smart approach to everything. Here are few things to consider:

i) Get to know local people during you stay as they will help you choose and explore cheap adventure trips, easy commutation, and good cheap food.

ii) Get to know the local markets. Buy things from downtown, for instance, purchase seasonal fruits & vegetables, eat at local restaurants. This way, you get to taste the native flavors, and help local businesses.

iii) Understand the currency, if you are abroad. This is a difficult task for first-timers and little knowledge can cost them big time.

iv) Choose days that allow visiting a historical place for free or at a minimum entry. For example, visiting Taj Mahal on Fridays is free.

v) Buy a local calling number with cheap settings and plans on them

Budget travel vacations become more like a fun, if you go with the pointers.

5. Don’t Miss a Workout

Do not Miss a Workout

Taking the lead from the last point, getting to know the local people and places helps you in a big way. If you are a fitness freak or a Yoga lover, then missing a workout is something you would not be happy about. You fear all that good food and wine because no one wants a pot belly at the end of the trip. The best antidote is to find free classes, for example, if you visit countries like Japan or Korea, you will find free Yoga classes or aerobic classes in parks or even in hotel gardens. Why spending money on expensive gyms and studios when you can earn health by frugal means. You can also walk your way to places; saves money and burn calories too.

6. The Tax Tale

The Tax Tale

It’s all about the money so far and understanding tax systems is another exclusive pillar. If you are visiting another country, then better go through the tax system followed there or meet a professional. This is worth probing if you are worried about the tax implied on your purchases. Another smart approach is to look for ‘tax-free’ logos on products you might want to purchase. Make sure you have your passport in your backpack or purse, as there are certain rules under which on a minimal purchase expense, the shop keepers or the authorities ask you for the documents. At the end of your trip, on the airport, before checking in, get into the tax return queue and put across the purchase slips and papers.

7. Commutation Care

Commutation Care

There is a distance between Haridwar and Rishikesh in India or Nicosia and Larnaca in Cyprus. The question is what to consider and how to pry between the places that are on the bucket list. Taxis and cabs are expensive to death but you have public transports at your service. Developed countries have metros that run between literally two cities, there are local autos, trams and trains for you. Another option is to rent a vehicle but go for the cheap ones. It is understandable that you want to travel like a king but nobody likes a king who goes broke afterwards. Get your bus or metro cards, or ask local dwellers about Autos or Rickshaws even. Choose wisely and travel lavishly.

8. Don’t be a Columbus

Do not be a Columbus

Remember the story of Columbus, whose search of Asia, led him to find America in the end. Is it poor planning, lack of knowledge or mere coincidence? Well, no one is complaining because we have the US on the map. However, in real life, you surely don’t want to end up like Columbus. This is well suited for travel junkies who are on a solo trip but also not interested in missing out on budget travel backpacks plans. Enroll a guide for your adventure, hold a map in your hand, and walk your way to the end of the plan. This way, you save money, receive the much-needed guidance, and don’t fall prey to expensive bait.

How to travel on a budget? This question will stop nagging you, if you step up to a plan and follow the ultimate guide of a lifetime.

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