Are Yoga Retreats Just for Women?

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It is time to stop believing the marketing banters stating that Yoga & Women go well in one equation. The era is for both the genders to come up, flex a Yoga pose and improve their overall well-being. So, are Yoga retreats just for women? Read more to find out.

One of the commonly perpetuated Yoga myths is, “Yoga is for women”, and this is what keeps our men away from this art to achieve balance in both worlds. Men love the toughest of grind at the gym and anything too flakey or pretzel-like is a big turn-off for them. According to scientific facts on human anatomy, women are more flexible than men and this is why in real world, females feel less shy while sitting in a lotus pose than men. Men might feel intimidated by certain demanding poses or spiritual aspects of this art like chanting OM or sitting in a Kirtan because again, this might feel a little bit extra for them.

According to a Yoga Journal report, the Yoga community is dominated by women and men occupy merely 20% of the space. The raging popularity of Yoga retreats, women retreats, and detox vacations are some of the fine examples backing up the very fact. On the flipside, wellness community has come down to associating Yoga to a certain narrative of a perfect female exterior.

No matter how tough it is to make this understandable to the male audience, a wholesome Yoga experience such as a Yoga retreat is for everyone and not just the fairer sex.

1. Stressed Male Boss at Work

A workplace environment is challenging for a woman and this is why it is quite understandable for her to take a time-out from the discord. However, taking the gender parity out from the equation, the stress level at work for men is horrendous. Family responsibilities, peer pressures, and few societal notions pushing them to perform better in life are some of the reasons why men in different countries are equally unhappy and are often diagnosed with stress-induced ailments like heart issues, diabetes, and hypertension. A Yoga retreat is a perfect way to disconnect from the cacophony and relax with family and friends. The relaxing Yoga sessions help people bring their mind, body & spirit into a harmonious union. High stress levels in men can lead to male pattern baldness, and hormonal imbalance. Yoga retreats balances their Chakras, corrects their Doshas, fuel their agni for optimal health.

2. The Prostate Issues

One out of 5 men faces troubles with their prostate gland after the age of 50 and the deterioration of this gland starts at 40.  A study was conducted on a group of 11 men at a civic wellness center in Canada, which involved respondents to follow a Yoga program for a couple of weeks. A special initiation and adherence strategy was developed that included audio recordings of the interval trainings and feedback from these individuals. After the completion of the Yoga program, an inference was drawn that suggested the benefits of Yoga & mindfulness for the respondents suffering from minor prostate issues like inability to pass urine at one go and another group of respondents who escaped prostate cancer. The results proved that Yoga had therapeutic effects on these individuals and played a pivotal role in catalyzing their recuperation process. This study cements the fact that Yoga retreats can help men facing similar issues in a profound way. Prostate patients can reap of lot of mental health benefits out of a Yoga retreat experience, such as a different destination, greenery, people from different culture and new friends.

3. Sperm Transcript Levels

A significant study involving 30 males from couples who faced multiple scenarios of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss proved that a Yoga Based Lifestyle opens door to happiness. During the initial phase of the study, semen samples of these 30 respondents were collected that was later subjected to an expression analysis process. At the baseline of the 21 days Yoga program, a methodological polymerase chain reaction on spermatozoal structure was conducted, which also included assessment of seminal OS and sperm DNA damage levels. Later at the end of the 21-day Yoga program, the same levels were checked and the results were favorable. It was scientifically proved that adopting a healthy lifestyle and a Yoga regimen can result in a decline of oxidative stress and sperm transcript levels. Yoga retreats involve strenuous yet fun-filled ways to help people incorporate Yoga in their lives and this could be a good start for couples facing instances of failed pregnancies.

4. Handgrip Endurance

The intense HIIT and strength training programs include lifting heavy weights, strenuous push-ups, and exercises resulting into hardcore abdominal muscle strength. However, there are enough evidences in medical journals stating advantages of Yoga in supporting these exercises stronger muscles for men. A study involved 23 subjects (15 males and rest females) who were asked to follow a strict Yoga regimen for six weeks. A special Harvard suggested step test was involved to track the weight loss journey and several other tests were done to determine expiratory pressure, endurance, handgrip strength and endurance at the baseline. Post six weeks program, a drastic improvement was noticed in the well-being of these respondents. The weight loss was steady, respiratory strength improved and a lot of changes were noticed in handgrip strength. So, if you hate monotony then go attend a Yoga retreat. Health vacations significantly improve one’s health and elevate the fitness quotient. Moreover, Yoga retreats can help male participants understand spirituality and its effect on the overall health.

5. Distress Index

This is not a hidden fact anymore that stress wreaks havoc on your hormones, sex drive, health, and mood patterns. Similar to women facing peer and societal pressures, men too suffer from stress-induced ailments and depression that dampens their health once for all. A study involving 7 men and rest women & kids proved that a six weeks Tantric Yoga program can control the distress index, stress levels, and aggressive mood patterns. During the initial phase of the research, Salivary Cortisol Concentration or SSC was used in order to understand the physiology of distress and understand the short and long term effects of Yoga. Respondents, especially the male counterparts, noticed better libido performance, and a significant change in their irritability, tension, and fatigue levels. The significant scientific study brought some of the greatest benefits of Tantric Yoga in light stating that the practice can decrease of cortisol production and thereby improving the overall health of the respondents.

Yoga is not for a specific gender but for the entire humanity to reach out to their best versions.

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