7 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting California

    7 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting California

California is one of the US’s prime outdoor destination. With amazing weather all year round and tons of outdoor activity to choose from, one will surely find a perfect activity that fits their every need. From surfing sites to skiing locations to Camping Spots in California, you will never run out of fun things to do in the US’s Golden State.

In this article, we have collated 7 of the most iconic and interesting things to do in any season which means you get to enjoy California no matter what time of the year. 

Do a Surf/Ski Holiday

Shredding the snowy slopes in the morning and then riding the biggest waves in the afternoon till the sun goes down all in a day sounds pretty unreal. But in California, this is one of the most sought after among surfing/skiing fanatics or people who love the outdoors. The trick to doing a California Double, as what it’s popularly known, is timing and careful planning. You are working on a really tight schedule here and one tiny snag along the way can mean missing one or both. Winter is practically the only time you can do this as by this time the mountains get regular snowfall and the seas are also sporting ideal surfing waves.

A popular surfing spot is Huntington Beach located just 36 miles away from Los Angeles Airport. It’s usually less crowded in the winter so you pretty much have the waves to your own. Just a 2-hour drive away is the Bear Mountain ski center. This is one of the most popular skiing spots with amazing slopes perfect for beginners and advanced skiers alike. Be sure to do your research first by watching out for the weather forecast and having the necessary gears at the ready. 

Visit 5 Different Climate Zones In 5 Days

California’s climate is one of the most varied around the world. While the majority of it has the Mediterranean climate, some parts can be a hot desert climate to even frigid polar. Most mountainous regions experience substantial snow, especially during the winter. The deserts, on the other hand, are one of the hottest places in the country even in the summertime. San Diego and Los Angeles experience almost no temperature changes throughout the year earning the nickname eternal summer. Due to these varied climate differences, you can spend a day in a totally different environment for a week without even crossing state lines!

Dry Camping in the Desert


If you are more of the outdoorsy type who loves to spend a lite of time hiking and camping then you should try dry camping in one of California’s deserts. Dry camping⁠—also known as boondocking⁠—is going off-grid in an RV or a truck and parking in the wilderness without any of the conveniences of the modern world. No bathhouses, no electrical hookups, and even no water. Though RV’s are the most popular choice among dry campers, some do dry camp with trucks and even cars. Dry camping is one of the most exciting ways to experience nature but still being pretty comfortable while at it. 

The Mojave desert is one such popular dry camping site with its open fields and easily navigable terrain. Sawtooth Canyon Campground is a FREE campground that offers up to 14 nights of stay with free firepits, the wilderness, and the vast Mojave desert for you to enjoy. Death Valley is also another popular camping destination although camping is only allowed in designated camping grounds. Pro tip: go camping in the winter when the temperatures are a lot tolerable.

Go Hot-Springs Hopping

Not a lot of people know that California is also home to several hot springs. These magical pools of water are a great way to relax and unwind while soaking in its many healing properties all year round. 

Sierra Hot Springs is one such retreat. Located in the heart of the wilderness with its rustic vintage vibe making this one of the most gorgeous places to spend a few relaxing nights in. They offer places to set up tents and lodging accommodations as well. Another popular place is the Calistoga Hot Springs. This luxurious hot spring resort offers many facilities for guests which aims to give the best experience as possible. Located in the spa town capital of Northern California, Calistoga is a lovely small laid back community in northern California.

Micro-Brewery Tour


If craft beer and its history are something you’re interested in then California has a lot in store for you! Craft beer making in the US can trace it’s origin all the way back to The Golden State. In 1965 micro-brewing slowly became a thing in California when Fritz Maytag bought the Anchor Brewery. Since then many micro-breweries have popped-up within the state with some of them still brewing delicious beer to this day.

Some notable micro-breweries you should visit include:

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. the home of the famous American pale ale. This brewery was founded in 1980 and has been in operation since then. 

North Coast should be another one on your list. They are known for rich hoppy ales inspired by the founder’s trip to England. Be sure to check out other breweries too. Who knows, you might discover a new favorite. 

Gather your Group for a Tour Together


Speaking of tours, The Golden State is teeming with various historical and walking tours from historic districts all the way to the great outdoors. 

For people who love a great hike while marveling at the sights and nature, you should check out the Yosemite National Park tours. Tours in this park are available all year round and can be either an open tram or a bus tour depending on the weather conditions. This is great for friends and family who want to hang out and enjoy the beauty of nature.

If history is more up your alley then you definitely need to check out the Sacramento Underground Tours. This unique tour showcases how the city was literally lifted to escape the floodwaters that used to plague Sacramento. This half a mile tour begins at Sacramento History Museum with certified guides that are sure to give life to this rather unique experience.

Mountain Bike Tour

Finally, another fun outdoor activity you should definitely try in California. One of the notable places includes Downieville Downhill a particularly challenging downhill track in Downieville CA. The trail used to be an old mining town before it became the popular biking spot it is today. There are several amenities like pizza parlors, an outfitters shop, and some picnic tables for the public. Northstar Bike Park is another popular track among biking enthusiasts. This 125-mile track is home to challenging terrain with lots of air time. The facility also include a lift system and a lodge at the base where you can relax and unwind after having a go at the track.

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