5 Signs Showing You That You Need Healing


Life’s many challenges – and now the Covid-19 pandemic –putpressure on us more than ever, as we can agree we live in difficult times. We all have our ways to deal with the difficulties; some would turn to alcohol or drugs; some would get depressed and barely find the energy to keep going. Not many have us have healthy coping mechanisms to live a balanced life.

Taking distance from everything and pausing your life to reset and recharge your batteries seems difficult, if not impossible altogether. We don’t dare to put our life on hold, mainly if other people are depending on us, and pausing our job responsibilities isn’t an option. However, healing retreats would give us the possibility to find balance in our life once again to refill our emotional, mental, and physical energy for a better life experience going forward. Nowadays, it’s not only the depressed or the addicted who go to healing retreats. People who feel empty and lack the energy for everyday life should try them too.

Identifying the signs that we need to go to a healing retreat isn’t always effortless, especially for those who aren’t connected with themselves. If you hesitate about whether you should go to a healing retreat or not, here are some common signs telling you that it’s time to pause your life for a bit.

5 Signs Showing You That You Need Healing

You Feel Bored, Tired, And Depressed

Life is always moving, and things are meant to change. We all feel happy at times and a little under the radar any now and then. We are complicated beings who feel both boredom and happiness. But it’s one thing when we’re feeling blue for a couple of days, and it’s totally different when we cannot get out of bed for days.

“Unsolved childhood trauma, substance abuse, mental health conditions, and even loss of the job are some of the reasons for which people get depressed. But they’re not all the time obvious, and it’s when people reach their bottom that they ask for help,” says Timothy Burts, an experienced Yogi at the Holistic Sanctuary.

It’s not only drug addictionthat makes you lose control; it’s the deep connection between body, mind, and soul, or rather its looseness, that leads to addiction to begin with. For instance, having negative thoughts isn’t the only symptom of depression. When we lose interest in your favorite hobbies, change the quality of our sleep, feel without energy all the time, or without hope, we are, in fact, depressed.

And depression will affect every aspect of your life until it becomes challenging to address your job responsibilities, family meetings, and all your other social duties. At a healing retreat, you will have the chance to handle your unsolved traumas, deep emotions and work on your negative thinking for Healing.

You Feel Anxious And Affected At Any Given Moment

We know that life is dynamic, especially in today’s world, and it’s tricky to keep balance. It’s so difficult to make a difference between what you need and what you want.

At times, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed almost feel natural. We tend to react and not to respond from a balanced point, which only aggravates our stress. It’s not possible to change the world we live in, but we may change how we react to this world.

“At our healing retreat, we teach people how to unwind when the day is over.They learn how to have a different take on life’s many challenges and how to slow down so that they can find peace within,” continues Timothy Barts.

You Need To Recover After A Trauma In Your Life

We don’t know what life throws at us, and traumatic events can impact us tremendously. We don’t always know how to handle the trauma and recover from it, especially in the long run. But it’s not still the most recent trauma that causes us the deepest pain. Sometimes, yesterday’s events make an old trauma resurface, showing us that we never healed from what happened to use decades ago.

We have different ways to manage stress and trauma, and it’s typically the parents who taught us how to perceive and react to stress. Some of us think that it’s fine not to mourn, as negative feelings aren’t good for us. But it’s OK to feel those feelings and acknowledge our trauma. How we move from the trauma is part of the healing process, and sometimes we need professional guidance for finding our balance.

Your constant back pain could signal the deep trauma that you’ve been carrying for years. Sure, a pill could alleviate the problem for some time, but the pain will always be there. Unless you go back in time and learn how to heal from your trauma (soul), change your perspective (mind), your back pain (body) will not go away very soon.

Your Fear Is Constant

Several aspects of your life scare you; it’s how we managed to survive as a species anyway. But it’s one thing to fear the lion running towards you and be scared of the tiny puppy showing up far away from you, wiggling its tail.

Fear is teaching us many things, and the moment we understand it’s good for us (when it’s rational), it’s the moment we move forward to Healing. Fear is the main reason for which we feel stuck in a moment and unable to move. Change, rejection, failure, new experiences, judgment, losing control, or being alone are some of the most common fears we deal with throughout our lives.

At a healing center, you will learn how to identify your fears and how they manifest, turning them into positive experiences. You understand that fear is a starting point for learning something new about yourself, allowing you to grow as a person.

You Just Know That It’s Time To Make A Change

Life has a weird way to let us know that it’s time to use the restart button. It may not always be the best way (as your addiction has brought you to the hospital), but it still lets us know that we have to make some changes to put our lives back on track. Even if your mind is cloudy and cannot comprehend, you feel it in your gut/heart that you have to shift things away so that your emotions and thoughts feel right again.

We all have our ways to see and accept change. Some will fight back until even the smallest things get to changer, whereas others will embrace and take in all the little things that change in their lives. Either way, as long as you accept that life never stands still, you should see change as the best opportunity in your life so far.

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